5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Bridget Everett

The Manhattan-born comic actress and singer, Bridget Everett was born on April 21, 1972. She has gained popularity in New York City and has kept on with her many performances on the Cabaret Scene reigning for over a decade. She has also taken her comic skills on sets, often times she appears as a comedian or singer in most of her roles on films and television shows.

Bridget is best known for her roles in the movies; Sex and the City (2008) and Trainwreck (2015). She is an all-rounder when it comes to the entertainment industry and has described herself as an alt-Cabaret provocateur. The comic actress spent her college days at the Arizona State University on scholarship and eventually graduated with a degree in music and opera. Upon graduation, she was slow to embrace her career, picked up a job in a restaurant and worked with them for 25 years before launching out in 2005 as a comedian. Ever since then, she has become a household name in the city of New York.

Bridget Everett – Here are 5 Things To Know 

There are several numerous interesting things about the comic actress. The paragraphs below gives a full detailed information on lesser known and interesting facts you need to know about the Manhattan-born comic actress.


Finding someone who could help you align your dreams in the right part is simultaneously related to discovering a gold mine. For the comic actress Bridget Everet, she found such a friend in Amy Schumer. The two ever since they met have been friends for over 9 years and counting. They have both worked together on set and has moved around the globe too.

Bridget Everett
Bridget Everett and Amy Schumer

Apart from her relationship with Amy, she has not revealed any of her affairs with the opposite sex. If not that it is quite glaring that Amy is no lesbian, we may not be totally wrong to link the two as one as they both share a tight bond together. Nevertheless, we found out that the comic actress is currently assumed single and is of a straight orientation.

Karaoke Lover

Most people know that Bridget has made waves as a solo artist but only a few know that she is a member of a band group known as The Tender Moments. The group consists of Bridget Everett, Carmine Covelli, and Adam Horovitz. Together the crew released an album titled Pound It (2013). In addition to that, the comic actress has taken delight in singing karaoke in her spare times. She has so developed her skills in karaoke that she earned a standing ovation after singing the song, Piece of My Heart on The Tonight Show.

Drama Queen

Apart from her many performances on stage and on set, the comic actress plays different stunts and uploads them on her social media pages. Often times, she is seen portraying ridiculous and selfless acts that just makes her different from the plenty comedians who have walked on history lane. She is a lover of Chardonnay. She is often seen with a bottle wrapped in brown paper on most of her performances.

That package is the Chardonnay and she says that the brown paper helps to keep it cold till the end of her show. Also, the drama queen is big with everything, she has a huge voice, big body, and mighty capacity. She has a gigantic height standing at 6 feet and a massive weight of 80 kg.

Fun Mom Dinner

So many of her fans have given her kudos for her roles in most of her the movies including Sex and the City, Trainwreck and a lot of more but in all, her performance in the movie; Fun Mom Dinner (2017) is captivating. The movie was centered on mothers who have fun together despite their differences. They get drunk and later find a balance for their relationship. In the movie, she featured alongside Toni Collete, Molly Shannon, and Kaie Aselton.


When we refer to the comic actress as an all-rounder, we are certain of this. She has not only shown her acting and singing prowess on set but has gone ahead to write a musical show named Rock Bottom. Bridget co-wrote the song alongside Adam Horovitz, Scot Wittman and Marc Shaiman. She and Adam later participated in the show sometime in October 2013.


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