Bridget Wilson, Pete Sampras Wife – Where Is She Now?

She has all the makings of a Hollywood sweetheart as well as the talent to back it up. Being a former American actress, model, singer, and recipient of a Miss Teen USA award does have its perks. But Bridget Wilson moved on to changing diapers and everything that comes after that. Nevertheless, she is famous in her own right, though she was further pushed into the spotlight by her husband. For people who are curious about where she went, here is her happily ever after story and more.

Who Is Bridget Wilson? 

She was born Bridgette Leann Wilson on September 25, 1973. Hers was a small-town upbringing as she was born and bred in Gold Beach, Oregon, United States. The star grew up with both of her parents, Kathy, and Dale Wilson. All in all, her star quality started showing itself when she was back in high school. There, she competed on the school’s volleyball team. By the time she clocked 17, she was crowned Miss Teen USA, 1990 in Biloxi, Mississippi. A fun fact is that she happened to be the second contestant from the state of Oregon to win. Just the next year, she received her high school diploma from Gold Beach High School.

If there ever was a Jackie of all trades, her name would be Bridget Wilson. Soon after her reign as Miss Teen USA, the star moved on to acting. One of her first roles was as Ginger on Saved By The Bell. Some other notable movies she had a role in are I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Wedding Planner. She even crossed over into TV, appearing on an episode of CSI Miami.

Best believe that she took it to a whole other level. Wilson went on to star in an off-Broadway production of The Rocky Horror Show. She was even a judge on the 2006 Miss Universe competition. Soon after, she spread her wings and featured in Tommy Shane Steiner’s debut album, Then Came the Night. The song she featured in made it to number 43 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in 2002.

Her Life As Pete Sampras’ Wife

Bridget Wilson WHERE
Pete Sampras & Bridget Wilson his wife: Image Source

After about 8 months of dating, the two decided to get hitched on the 30th of September 2000. Their whirlwind romance started the previous year in a Los Angeles movie theatre. It all started after Pete caught a glimpse of her and told his friend that he would love to meet her. Before the two knew it, they were on a semi-blind date. And soon, they got married. Two years into the marriage, their first child came along. He arrived on 21st November 2002 and they named him Christian Charles Sampras.

Three years after, they had their second son on 29th July 2005 and named him Ryan Nikolas Sampras. Despite theirs being a picture-perfect family, issues began to rock their boat. In 2015, a handful of sources revealed that they were having a rough time. There was a lot of bickering and arguing and rumors of divorce arose. According to these sources, it all stemmed from their inability to spend more time together after their first son was born. Nevertheless, the air is all cleared up and now that the boys are in their teens, Bridget Wilson and her husband are closer than ever. Clearly, their marriage is no longer on the rocks and as a unit, they are growing stronger by the day.

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Where Is She Now?

Some of her last work was done in 2008. Specifically, after she starred in the 2008 film Phantom Punch, she took a giant step back from acting. The movie itself came in the form of a biopic surrounding the life of the heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston. Once she was done with that, Bridget Wilson retired from the spotlight and became more of a family woman.

When she was specifically asked about her acting career, she simply stated that she wanted to focus on raising her boys. Nevertheless, she added that a comeback is not totally out of the question. So, these days she can be found in the Bel Air area or simply in the Bel Air mansion she shares with her husband and kids.


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