Brinnette Seopela Net Worth: Just How Rich Is The Socialite?

Brinnette Sopela is a South African reality TV star and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1 million. Best known for her appearance in the Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) show, Brinnette could easily be counted among the wealthiest and most successful stars of on the show.

She makes her money from being the CEO of the popular Spa Aesthetique among other businesses she owns. Brinnette never enjoyed much media attention, until she got into the biggest South African reality TV show which immediately thrust her further into the limelight and has revealed some rather interesting things about her income sources

How Wealthy Is The Socialite?

Brinnette Seopela is a very successful businesswomen. She has been very successful in her businesses over the years and stands tall among the few female entrepreneurs that have garnered huge wealth from the beauty, cosmetics, and show business.

Accruing from all of these her businesses and her earnings from the RHOJ, Brinnette Seopela’s current accumulated net worth has been placed at over $1 million. And judging from the pace at which she is going, her net worth would likely surpass the $1 million threshold in the coming years, as she has shown no signs of slowing down in her money-making endeavors.


How Brinnette Seopela Amassed Her Net Worth Of Over $1 Million

Brinnette Seopela is one inspiring South African businesswoman who has been able to build an empire for herself through a combination of her businesses. Below is a breakdown of all her endeavors.

She Owns Spa Aesthetique

Brinnette has become very relevant and influential in the South African beauty and cosmetics industry. She is the brain behind the leading South African Spa and beauty hub – Spa Aesthetique found around Rivona, Johannesburg.

The RHOJ Reality TV Show

Ms. Seopela’s income got a further leap after she featured in the RHOJ reality TV show. This did not only boost her bank account but also brought her fame, although it is not very certain how much exactly she earns per episode of appearing on the RHOJ. From all indications, however, she must have been earning real big from the reality TV show after featuring in all seasons of the show.


Contributing to Brinnette Seopela’s net worth is earnings from endorsement deals. The popular socialite has landed several endorsement deals. After gaining fame from RHOJ, many brands and companies were eager to cash in on her growing popularity to get their products and services across to their target audience. Some of the brands she endorses include; Vita Drip, Search Light Services and Eyelegance Optometrist, among others.

Social Media Influencing

Brinnette also adds up to her income from being a social media influencer. Due to her huge social media followers which she leverages on, she earns from advertising and promoting businesses for individuals and companies.

The Luxurious Lifestyle of Brinnette Seophela

It goes without saying that what is very unique about Brinnette is her ardent love for luxury and flamboyance – she ensures to always look good, dazzling her fans with her high taste of fashion. This is one part of her lifestyle that she would stop at nothing to always keep up with. To say the least, her love for the good things of life may not be unconnected to the fact that she is privileged to be the only child of her parents, and was raised enjoying so much luxury from both parents while growing up.

Brinnette’s obsession with luxury became more evident during her extravagant and lavished traditional and white wedding. In an interview with The Drum Magazine, Themba Gazane, Brunette’s ex-husband, revealed that they spent over a million Rand only for their traditional wedding, mostly on expensive dresses and other decorative accessories.

Keeping up with such pace, their white wedding witnessed even more display of elegance as it was gathered that she spent as much as R400,000 on flower bouquets. There was no mention of the two very expensive dresses she wore during the wedding.

Sadly after walking down the aisle, basking in such luxury, her conjugal bliss never stood the test of time as it hit the rocks just after five months with the couple going their separate ways. Brinnette alleged that she suffered domestic violence and abuse from her ex-husband and that was what prompted her to file for divorce. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, claimed that it was due to her excessive demands for luxury which was the bedrock of the misunderstandings they always had. Her demands for a luxurious lifestyle seemed insatiable and she wasn’t patient enough, which was why he said she opted out of the marriage.

Brinnette Seopela’s Journey Through The RHOJ Show and Her Rise To Fame

It is quite true that a substantial part of Brinnette Seopela’s income is attributed to her participation in the Real Housewives Of Johannesburg reality TV show. Upon her debut in season one of the most-watched reality show in South Africa, Brinnette immediately secured a soft spot in the hearts of the audience, and her fan base kept multiplying.

In the first episode of the show which was tagged Welcome to the Good Life, Brinnete was all loud doing what she knows best as she displayed her high taste for luxury style at any slightest opportunity at her disposal. The season saw her prepare for her traditional wedding, which added a new flair of vibes to the show in that season.

Interestingly, the successful entrepreneur was able to sustain the enthusiasm she put up in the show with each passing episode. This further earned her a top spot in the entire rating of all the housewives of the show. While other housewives couldn’t make it back into the second season of the show, Brinnette came back with a more wowing performance as she never ceases to surprise her fans with more interesting and surprising events in her life.

Within this scope, while her fans and well-wishers have not recovered from the euphoria of her lavished wedding ceremony which was aired on the show, starring in the season, Brinnette broke the disheartening news of her divorce just five months after she lavishly wedded her now ex-husband, Themba Gazane. The pair met on social media and dated for 100 days before tying the knot.

The Show’s Cancellation and What She Has Been Up To Ever Since

It has been gathered that Brinnette Seopela played a role in the suspension of season three of the show, following her brawl with fellow housewife Christall Kay. After they engaged in some heated arguments, Brinnette and her friend in the show Lebo Jojo Gunguluza physically assaulted Chrstall which led to the cancellation of the production of season three.

Notwithstanding, Brinnette moved on with her other business after the cancellation of that season without allowing the ugly situation to dampen her spirit. In the end, one would agree that the presence of the socialite in the Real House Wives of Johannesburg show has been so far nothing short of glamorous and that she was able to spice up the show with her elegance and creativity.

This is evident in how far she had gone in the show, featuring in all the seasons, including the third season that was abruptly cancelled, which is a feat that not all the housewives of the show have attained.


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