Zanzibar Amber Resort: British Firm To Build New Resort In TZ

Pennyroyal Gibraltar, a British firm, is planning to build a $1 billion (Sh2 trillion)resort in the island of Unguja, Zanzibar. The resort will be known as the  Zanzibar Amber Resort, and it is projected to create at least 1,500 jobs for locals.

The Zanzibar Amber resort is expected to be of immense benefit to the community, and will also include five-star hotels, a fully equipped equestrian center, a private jet airport with a 3,000-metre runway, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and an international school.

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However, anyone intending to visit the resort soon will have to hold their horses as the construction is reportedly going to take about 8 years to be completed, according to Pennyroyal Director Brian Thomson.

Zanzibar Amber Resort: British Firm To Build New Resort In TZ

According to a study conducted in the area by researchers at the Zanzibar State University, unemployment and a lack of health education as the main issues facing the people of the community in which the resort will be located.

Local residents need to be educated on basic health and sanitation practices, Ms. Khadija Othman, an environmental health scientist said to The Citizen. She also added that the area lacks basic employment but has the capability to be transformed.

The design for the Zanzibar Amber Resort began five years ago and it will both provide residential and hospitality opportunities. However one of the problems faced by the constructors is the lack of water supply.

Electricity will nonetheless be generated from a gas and wind energy plant that will be built near the resort.

Zanzibar Amber Resort: British Firm To Build New Resort In TZ

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“Between 25 and 30 megawatts of electricity are expected to be generated from the power projects in the area.”

An arts center will also be built to promote the culture of the area. Also, a police station will be set up in order to improve the security of the area.

The overall plan of the Zanzibar Amber resort will boost investments, the economy of Tanzania and the community in which it is located.