Brittany Favre – Biography, Facts About Brett Favre’s Daughter

Brittany Favre is a typical example of the toughness that runs in the blood of her father, Brett Favre. For all Packers fans, Brett Favre is a household name. Brett is a famous American footballer who mostly played for the Green Bay Packers as a quarterback in his almost two-decade record-breaking NFL career. He, however, also played for the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings. The retired athlete shares his fame with members of his family, including his daughter, Brittany Favre.

Although she was born into fame, Brittany never folded her hands to ride on her father’s already established popularity. Rather, she has been working very hard to carve a niche for herself through rare achievements. There is no denying that a lot of people know Brittany as the daughter of Brett Favre, but there are actually a lot of other interesting but little-known facts about her. Read on to find out more about Brittany Favre, Brett Favre’s daughter.

Brittany Favre – Biography

Brittany Favre was born on February 6, 1989, in Mississippi, United States. Her parents, Deanna and Brett Lorenzo Favre, raised her in their hometown, Hattiesburg in Mississippi. Brittany has a sister and only sibling, Breleigh Favre who is ten years younger. Breleigh, who currently plays volleyball, was born in 1999, three years after her parent’s marriage in 1996.

At the time of Brittany’s birth, her dad was aged just 19, and was still in his career beginnings and had not yet married her mother who was 20 years old then. Her mum on her own part later established the Deanne Favre Foundation as a means of giving back to the society after surviving breast cancer in 2004. She has also authored two books: Don’t Bet Against Me and The Cure of the Chronic Life.

Brittany Favre
Brittany with her family after a match at Green Bay: image source

Despite being born into an environment surrounded by sports, Brittany Favre harboured the dream of becoming a lawyer right from childhood. Instead of looking up to her dad, a successful athlete, Britt rather admired fulfilled lawyers while growing up. She deliberately wanted to build a career that is distinctively different from her dad’s. She, however, couldn’t succeed in completely escaping her father’s line of career, as she later chose to specialize in Sports and Entertainment in her law career. This is simply because, she has got sports on her fingertips, having been exposed to the business from the cradle.

Career/Marital Life

Prior to her tertiary education at the Loyola University College of Law, Brittany married a man identified by some sources as Patrick Valkenburg. She soon became pregnant for him but unfortunately, they divorced the winter before she entered college. The divorce proceeding was a long one as it took almost one and a half years to conclude.

Brittany consequently became a single mother in her first year after she gave birth to her son named Parker Brett on April 2nd, 2010. The experience undoubtedly distracted her from her studies but on the other hand, it changed her perspective to life as Parker motivated her to become serious with pursuing a career and building her life to become a confident and successful mother.

Not long after her separation from her former husband, Brittany Favre met a new man, Alex Mallion with whom she started a fresh relationship. Britt once revealed that it was Alex who saved her from quitting college after her first year. Alex encouraged her a lot and made her see reasons to keep her head up. The two got married in her second year – in 2011. Brittany soon became pregnant with her second son – her first with Alex. The boy whom they named A.J arrived in her third year in college.

Brittany Favre finally finished from the Loyola University College of Law in May, 2015. Many lauded her for such a milestone, having earned her degree alongside raising two little children. On completing her studies, she became attached to a newly established law firm in Hattiesburg.

In addition to her law career, Brittany featured in the documentary television series A Football Life in 2016. She appeared alongside her dad in the sixth season of the football documentary which covered his major achievements.

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Facts About Brett Favre’s Daughter 

• Brittany Favre gave birth to her first child, Parker at the age of 21. Her second came when she was 23. At Parker’s birth’s, Brittany’s dad, Brett Favre, became the first ever active NFL player to become a grandfather.

• Britt once described her early college years challenges as “a little too much fun” in an interview.

• According to Brittany, success means nothing if it comes at the expense of her family. She prefers building a life with her family to building a career.

• Brittany is a beautiful lady with brown eyes and brown hair. She, however, usually spots a dyed blonde hair.

• She prefers to lead a private life and therefore has no public social media account.


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