Controversies that Brought Brittany Pettibone to Fame and Facts About Her Husband

Brittany Pettibone is a YouTube Vlogger who rose to stardom as a result of her support for the U.S. President, Donald Trump. Describing herself as an American Nationalist, she often uploads videos on her YouTube account weekly where she comments on political and social issues. She is also a known conspiracy theorist who has propagated a series of crackbrain theories such as PizzaGate and White Genocide, which have both gained her negative reviews.

Following her publicly stated opinions on white nationalism, which many have described as vague and contradicting, Brittany Pettibone has attracted the accusatory label of being a racist. She has, however, gone on to deny the allegations on multiple occasions. But whether one believes her depends on a thorough examination of her documented past.

Brittany Pettibone’s Catholic Roots Sparked Her Political Interest

The media personality was born in California, USA on October 7, 1992. She is the daughter of Theodore and Sabrina Pettibone. Her father famously contested for the seat of the Governor of Kansas under the Reform Party in 2002.

Brittany has a twin sister named Nichole Pettibone and six other siblings. Despite being born in California, she had her childhood experience in Kansas but later returned to the Golden State where she attended Thomas More High School in San Jose. Reports have it that after her freshman year, she was home-schooled.

According to Brittany Pettibone herself, she grew up with a strong interest in politics, thanks to her Catholic upbringing. This interest existed in the shadows until 2016, when the battle for America’s soul tilted in favor of the conservative movement, with the campaign and election of President Donald J. Trump.

While her support of the controversial U.S. president brought her into the limelight, she has remained a bright spot in the divisive political space thanks to her controversial utterances and actions. With YouTube as her primary platform, Brittany has risen as a vocal voice of the far-right movement.

Her Controversial Voice Has Earned Her Media Coverage

Via her channel, Brittany Sellner, which has more than 138,000 subscribers and over 487,000 views, Brittany Pettibone posts videos promoting conspiracy theories, discussing political events, and advocating for white nationalism. Her influence and reach has led to established media outlets like the BBC, Insider, and the New York Times covering what she has said.

She Advocates for White Nationalism

Brittany’s rise in the far-right movement has been driven by promoting conspiracy theories like white genocide. Although she rejects the label, her utterances and beliefs reveal she is a white nationalist who believes the future of the Western world depends on the superiority of white people.

The YouTuber has also pushed unproven theories about the systemic eradication of the white race. She claims the move involves democratized access to abortion, increased immigration, and interracial marriage. According to her, the eradication is led by a shadowy global elite who want to turn white majority countries into minorities.

Brittany Pettibone has pushed this theory on platforms like Virtue of the West, a webcast hosted by the British white supremacist, Tara McCarthy. She has also featured on other webcasts by the British personality, including Reality Calls.

Brittany Pettibone’s Promotion of PizzaGate

PizzaGate is a conspiracy theory that says the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and other high ranking Democratic personalities are members of a human trafficking and child sex ring operating out of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC.

The alt-right conspiracy theory, which Brittany freely parrots, began on fringe internet websites like 4chan and Reddit before spreading to mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The popularity of the theory, driven by several alt-right media outlets, including Brittany’s social media and YouTube platforms, led to an attack on the alleged base of the pedophile ring, a pizza shop named Comet Ping Pong.

On December 4, 2016, a lone gunman, Edgar Welch, attacked the shop with a loaded rifle. Thankfully, no one got hurt, and the police arrested Welch. Despite the violent response to the theory, Brittany Pettibone continues to promote it on her platforms.

Aside from white nationalism and PizzaGate, she has also sparked controversy with antisemitic comments and support for Russia against NATO.

Her Public Personality Has Received Mixed Responses

Brittany Pettibone
Brittany has leveraged her popularity on book publishing: image source

Expectedly, Brittany Pettibone’s political persona has led to positive and negative responses, both of which have made her popular. In the positive corner, she has made money publishing books.

The social media celebrity, along with her twin sister Nicole, penned down their first book titled Hatred Day. They chose the pen name T.S Pettibone for the book, which is the acronym of the names of their parents. Hatred Day was self-published by the sisters and released on January 29, 2016. It is the first release of the authors’ planned seven-book series which would be centered in the fantasy genre. She has also written a non-fiction self-help book titled What Makes Us Girls.

On the negative side of things, Brittany’s persona has caused the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a US-based NGO, to place her in its hate group list. More substantially, the British government denied her entry in 2018 over her support and promotion of far-right views and conspiracy theories. The negative reception is not limited to her and has extended to her husband, Martin Sellner.

Brittany Pettibone’s Husband is an Identitarian Activist

Brittany Pettibone
image source

Presumed to have met and connected via their shared beliefs on white nationalism and antisemitism, Brittany Pettibone got engaged to Martin Seller on August 30, 2018. They have since gotten married, with Brittany relocating to Martin’s home in Vienna, Austria.

Martin Sellner is a known Austrian Identitarian leader. He leads the European far-right group that believes in the superiority of Europeans and people of European descent. As a result of his beliefs and actions, he has been arrested several times. On one occasion, Martin, who has appeared in several of Brittany Pettibone’s videos, was once arrested for installing swastika stickers on a synagogue in Baden, Lower Austria. He served 100 hours of community service for the act.

More recently, he led the disruption of a theatre performance about migrants seeking asylum in April 2016. Martin, along with 30 members of his organization, disrupted the performance, spilling fake blood all over the venue and on its occupants. His antics and rhetoric has drawn government attention and led to further punitive actions.

Brittany’s Husband is Permanently Banned from the UK

Brittany Pettibone
Brittany and Martin share and promote similar ideologies: image source

In June 2019, the UK permanently banned Martin Sellner from entering the country on security grounds. The UK made the decision based on allegations of possible support for terrorist actions. Austrian authorities had found a connection between Sellner and a man who murdered 50 people at the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand. The suspect had donated $2,000 to Sellner’s political activities.

In addition to the UK ban, the US also canceled Brittany Pettibone’s husband’s visa. The U.S. denied him entry when he tried visiting the country for his wedding to Brittany in 2019. He, however, received support from the Republican Committee in Brittany’s Kootenai County, Idaho. They advocated for him to enter the country and live with Brittany in Idaho. The exact effect of their advocacy remains unknown as the couple currently lives in Vienna, Austria.


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