Who is Brittany Venti, The Controversial Game Streamer and YouTuber?

In recent times, many people live stream themselves playing video games. This has become a popular pastime on the internet and many highly skilled gamers have become internet celebrities through this means. However, some of them rather than becoming renowned for their gaming skills and great commentary, have become controversial and infamous. A good example of this is Brittany Venti.

Brittany is a video gamer and YouTuber whose live streams are regularly targeted by internet trolls. These trolls post awful comments and hack into her games thus causing her to have meltdowns; which other people record and share on the internet as comic relief. These videos have made her a viral sensation on the internet. Find out more about her here.

Who is Brittany Venti?

Brittany Venti is an American gamer who live streams herself playing video games on Twitch. Her streams are regularly raided by 4Chan trolls who post all sorts of insulting comments about her thus making her very annoyed and dramatic. She regularly breaks down into (mostly fake) tears and dissolves into bad grammar in exchanges with the trolls. Before we proceed further, it is important to clarify some of the terms used above.

Twitch is a website where you can live stream yourself playing video games. Introduced in 2011, Twitch is home to some of the world’s most popular gamers and also hosts gaming competitions. As at May 2018, they were 2.2 members broadcasting to 15 million people on a daily basis.

4Chan is a collection of online forums where people can anonymously post pictures and comments on various topics. In stark contrast to most social media accounts, you do not need to have an account in order to comment or post topics. 4Chan was created in 2003 by American, Christopher Poole. Due to the anonymity, 4Chan is a notorious meeting point for internet trolls and has spurned some of the internet’s biggest memes

A Twitch Raid is when someone on 4chan or other similar sites posts a link to a person’s live stream on another website. Hundreds of people on that forum will them invade the streamers comment box and harass them, calling them all sorts of unprintable names, prank calling and basically cyber bullying them.

Brittany Venti started gaming on Twitch in late 2014 but shot to internet fame in May 2015 following a raid from 4Chan trolls. The trolls flooded her comment section with hurtful and insulting comments which were sometimes racist and misogynistic. This caused her to become enraged and throw insults back at them. Someone videoed her outbursts and breakdown and then posted it on the internet. The video went viral and Venti became an internet celeb overnight. As at September 2018, the video has been viewed almost 600, 000 times.

This cycle has continued; Venti would be live streaming herself playing video games and 4Chan trolls would interrupt her. Sometimes, the trolls would hack into her game and start playing a voice over accusing her of being a terrorist and causing 9/11. On other occasions, they would take advantage of the video donation feature and post memes making fun of Venti. In one of the most despicable online attacks she has suffered, trolls from 4chan hacked into her stream when she was playing Grand Theft Auto V. They placed their own characters in the game that then started chasing Venti’s character around in an obvious attempt to rape the character. This caused her to burst into tears. Her attackers then stated that they didn’t like her due to her fakeness.

Hate of Memes and Bad Grammar

One of the most notable things about Venti is the fact that she intentionally speaks bad grammar and mispronounces words in her streams. Some examples include “apprecianate” instead appreciate, “commentates” instead of comments, “breastasis” instead of breasts, “league of leggings” instead of legends (league of legends is a very popular online game which she sometimes plays). She also refers to Memes as “Memees.” Some have argued that she does this just to gain attention and that she is actually a very intelligent young lady.

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Another Notable thing about Brittany Venti is her hate of Memes which is understandable as she has been the target of many spread by 4chan forums. One of the memes she hates most is when trolls hack into her streams and start playing John Cena’s theme song accompanied by the words “and his name is John Cena”.

Ban from Twitch

Venti has been banned from Twitch on three occasions for her controversial streams. In June 2015, she was banned for racist and pornographic content in her stream. She then relocated to Hitbox, an online platform similar to Twitch. She also spent time gaming on YouTube between May and July 2017. In July 2017, Venti returned to Twitch after the ban was lifted.

In January 2018, Brittany Venti was given a 24 ban hour when a video she posted about African cooking was deemed to contain racist and offensive stereotypes of Africa and Haiti. This enraged her as she said that she is half black as her mother is black. She even attached her DNA results in order to prove her claim. The results showed that she is 66.4% European, 32.9 Sub Saharan African, 0.5% East Asian and Native American and 0.2% unassigned. Venti is currently banned from Twitch. She was banned in April 2018 for streaming content relating to a shooting that took place at YouTube headquarters.

Even though she has many haters, Venti also has fans. One of her fans, who identifies as the white knight, started a petition on Change.org to stop 4chan from harassing her. The petition was signed by a grand total of 36 people. In July 2018, she herself set up a Go fund me account as a result of the harassment she claimed she was receiving from people. The account raised only $45 out of its $20,000 target.

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