Brittanya Razavi – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About The Film Actress and Model

These days, she is known as an American actress, model, and entrepreneur, but it all started out for Brittanya Razavi in the place where dreams are made, Instagram. It may be flashy pictures and greener pastures now for the social media sensation, but hers is a classic ‘started from the bottom’ story. There is so much out there that points to the fact that she is not your average social media star. To corroborate that, here is some much-needed insight into her life.

Brittanya Razavi’s Biography

The social media sensation was born on the 7th of July 1985 in Oxnard, California as Brittanya O-Campo. There is not a whole lot of information out there about her childhood and upbringing. Nevertheless, the fact that it was far from peachy may be a contributing factor. Brittanya Razavi was raised alongside four siblings and by the time she was 15, her father was out of the picture. He was sent to prison and as such, she had to grow up without male guidance. It is speculated that this was a pivotal point for the Internet sensation.

Even though she was the last child, she had to grow up a bit faster to help with the running of the household. She may have grown up a little too much because the year of her father’s incarceration was the year she got pregnant. Having little to no means to care for her child, her grandfather stepped in and helped her raise him. Both the identities of her grandfather and son remain undisclosed till date.

Brittanya Razavi’s Net Worth

There is no doubt that Brittanya Razavi is a hard working woman. Even more so, her hard work has paid off making her an incredibly wealthy woman. As of 2018, Forbes confirmed that she was worth a whopping $6 million, some other sources offer up an approximate of $8 million.

Not too bad for a social media star, right? Well, Brittanya is much more than that, following her rising popularity on social media, she crossed over into reality TV in 2009. She appeared on the reality TV series, Rock of Love and Charm School. Though she displayed a fiery temper and did not emerge as the winner on these shows, they catapulted her to the next level. Soon after, she was featured in a range of popular magazines. Brittanya Razavi graced the cover of Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Energy, Spire Magazine as well as MMA Sports.

The crowning jewel of her career is her online clothing store, 187 Avenue.

Facts About The Film Actress And Model

She is a Family Woman

Brittanya Razavi
Brittanya Razavi & her husband Lucky Moe Razavi: Image Source

Though it was general knowledge that she was dating Nico Vasquez in the past, that relationship went down the drain. Brittanya Razavi hinted that it was due to verbal abuse among other reasons. Nevertheless, she moved on and is currently married to Lucky Moe Razavi. Her husband is of Iranian descent and the couple has two sons together. The two definitely have shared interests judging by the fact that they are both covered in tattoos. All in all, it seems to be a perfect match.

Brittany’s husband is also quite successful in his own right. He is an entrepreneur as well as the CEO of a Digital media and entertainment group.

She is a Female Jack of All Trades

She may be widely known as a social media star, but Brittanya Razavi has a handful of tricks up her sleeve. Apart from having her brief yet rewarding stint on reality TV, she went on to begin an even more rewarding modeling career. She is also the co-owner of 187 Avenue which is an online clothing and merchandise shop. Razavi also co-authored a book titled Millionaire Self-Talk. Right about now, it should become more evident how industrious she is. In addition to all this, she also appeared on-screen as Lexus in the comedy show Dysfunctional Friends.

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She Spent 6 Months in Prison

As it was showcased live on reality TV, the star has quite the temper. In a bout of anger, she attacked a woman with a drinking goblet and the result was a 6 months prison sentence. Apparently, she clobbered the victim to the point that she needed stitches afterward. Since then, she has endeavored to make amends, now walking on the straight and narrow.

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