Buchan Prayer

Buchan Prayer– South African pastor has organized what will probably be the largest prayer gathering in South African history.

The man of God and the founder of Shalom Ministries was beckoned by South Africans on Whatsapp to organize a prayer gathering for the country in the face of socio-economic and political crisis.

Buchan replied the message in a video as he accepted to honor the request. 1.8 million social media users replied to the video.

Evangelist Buchan’s prayer is a free event which has already sold out 1.7 million tickets.

The prayer exercise according to the pastor’s daughter, Jilly Hull, is not for a specific prayer point. Instead it will be for both personal needs and the needs of the country which is currently in crisis.

“We receive hundreds of requests for specific prayers, but on Saturday he’s going to pray over what God tells him to,” 

As listed by Evangelist Angus Buchan, he would be praying against so many things affecting the nation such as corruption, rape, violence amongst others.

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“After 22 April, South Africa will be a changed country,”

“The day of prayer is intended for all South Africans of all genders, races and denominations who are concerned about the malice, hatred, violence, murder and corruption in the country,”

The rally captioned “It’s time” prayer gathering is scheduled to hold on April 22nd, on Wilde Als farm outside Bloemfontein.

The Evangelist and his daughter who works with him in the Ministry says the prayer is not restricted to Christians alone. It will be a multi-cultural event.

To that effect many South Africans of various colors and religion have started trooping down to the location.

Preparations had already begun for the highly anticipated Buchan prayer gathering. Information gathered on the event says that tents and caravans have been set up on the farm and the neighboring farm to accommodate the people.

More so, some others will have to be lodged in guest houses in the area.

It will start from 10am-4pm. Buchan will address the people as from 12 noon.

While the event is free, those attending are expected to come with their food and water. Buchan’s ministries will provide toilet facilities for the prayer programme.

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The Evangelist reminded the people that South Africa’s problem is not to be blamed on some but all.

“It’s time to suit the action to the word. We declare war on the disregard for human life and unkindness. On 22 April, we will be drawing a line in the sand.”

Co-pastors from the country have commended the initiative for the Buchan prayer gathering.

Reverend Cassie Aucamp, from the Reformed Churches in South Africa, says there is need to understand that prayer is not magic.

He says that the efficacy of the Buchan prayer will be determined by the sincerity of the people and not the size of the people attending the event.

“Nothing is excluded in terms of what we can and cannot pray for,”

“Our country is experiencing a crisis. We must pray for the authorities to respond correctly, according to the will of God.”

Pastor At Boshoff, from the Christian Revival Church (CRC) said:

We believe prayer brings change and it is heartening to see how people from all terrains stand together in unity.”