Buhari’s Executive Silence Over Religious Extremism Is Breeding More Corpses

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari is infamously making a reputation at turning a blind eye to religious clashes in the country.

Nigeria’s religious extremism has claimed over 1000 lives of Christians in the past one year of his administration.

There have been calls from political figures like Fayose, critics like Wole Soyinka and media personalities like Regina Askia to take a practical step against the menace.

“My president, I am not only sorely pained, disappointed and ashamed, I am almost regretful of ever encouraging Nigerians to embrace you.”– Regina Askia

Nigeria just like some other nations has witnessed tribal clashes. The saddening thing about the current state of Nigeria’s religious extremism is that the effrontery of the perpetrators usually from the northern parts of Nigeria has never been bolder till President Buhari came into power.

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Judging from his recurrent indifference to the radical Islamism in the nation, more and more people lose their lives to criminals who hide their evil behind the mask of religion.

Every religion has its flaws but never has it been known or heard of that Christians stormed into a mosque to attack them.

Last week a catholic church in Niger State was practically destroyed. Reason? The church doors were open on a Friday. One would wonder if that was a good enough reason to attack another religion in what is supposed to be a Democratic nation.

Earlier in the month, the life of a pastor of the Redeem Christian Church of God was snuffed out in a brutal murder by religious extremist. All Nigeria has seen is the condolence visit of the wife of the Vice President.

It took the Nigerian President weeks before he could react to the Fulani massacres across the country. Deaf to the calling of Nigerian patriots from all walks of life to put a ban on arming herdsmen, President Buhari is yet to prove to Nigerians that the country belongs to everyone, regardless of tribe or religion.

Infuriated by the helpless state of Christians and Southern Nigerian citizens in the hands of Islamist extremists, Nollywood veteran actress, Regina Askia dared to suggest that the President’s consistent indifference to these matters meant a “tacit approval” to the outrageous killings.

“Dear Mr President, Yet another open letter on murders. Why are you so silent, Mr President Sir? Your deafening silence is looking like tacit approval.”

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Seconding the earlier open letter came another one from Ata Ikiddeh. Recounting numerous cases of Islamic radicalism in the recent weeks, Ata demanded that the president make his stand clear on Nigeria’s religious extremism.

“Let your Muslim brothers know that the people they are killing and calling “infidels” also voted for you!”

“This perceived Executive ambivalence is pollinating extremism and breeding more corpses; your executive silence is lighting embers of hate across the land, are you waiting for dry figs to ignite! You need to urgently address the nation on this matter, your body language maybe emboldening extremist attitudes and sending the wrong signal.”

“You must communicate your position clearly and publicly to the Muslim and Christian communities. Perhaps a good time to establish a Presidential Committee on Religious Tolerance, made up of Pastors, Reverends, Imams & Mullahs, presided over by you!”

A while ago Nigerians doubted the motive to re-open the 16-year old murder case of Former Attorney General Bola Ige.

Many have wondered why that is so while the recent and growing killings of innocent people by northerners are unattended to. Not one guilty Fulani herdsman has been caught or brought to book till date.