Buhari Relaunches WAI Brigade For Civil Intelligence Gathering

The WAI Brigade was first introduced in Nigeria during Buhari’s administration as a military head of state (1983 – 1985).

As a democratic president, Buhari has re-introduced the War Against Indiscipline movement in the country.

With his military background the Nigerian president has rudiments of discipline that echoes around his personality.

Regardless of his shortcomings in the present democratic regime, the president has taken several steps in instilling discipline in the people like he did in the past.

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Back then as a military leader, Buhari was so stern that civil discipline was visibly engraved in the actions of the Nigerian populace.

President Buhari is remembered to have deployed soldiers with whips at the stations. Late civil servants were made to do frog jumps.

Many recall the modus operandi of WAI Brigade as a para-military group in the 80’s with chills running down their spine.

“WAI infantilized, traumatized and dehumanized Nigerians. I recall it with revulsion and fear. A horrible relic unsalvageable in any form.”– Funmi Iyanda, Journalist & Talk Show Host.


During yesterday’s function organized in honor of WAI Brigade, The Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Mr. Garba Abari, said that re-introducing WAI Brigade into the current Nigerian system is a great necessity.

“In this era of insecurity, violence, kidnapping and other forms of social vices, the role of the WAI Brigade in civil intelligence gathering cannot be over emphasized.”

“It is in this regard that I call on you to encourage your members across the country to redouble their vigilance in the local governments, wards and their various villages, so that we can contribute our quota towards building a secure society.”

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According to President Buhari, the WAI Brigade will be most helpful for the country in the areas of civil intelligence gathering.

Under President Goodluck Jonathan administration, WAI Brigade was also recognized as the Community Support Brigade (CSB).

As many applaud this initiative, some others believe that the timing is wrong. It is seen as yet another form of misplaced priority.