President Buhari Orders The Sale Of Presidential Jets

President Buhari has ordered the sale of 2 out of 11 Nigerian Presidential jets in order to cut costs.

Few Days after the thought provoking unrehearsed independence speech from past South-east governor, Peter Obi, the advertorial for the sales of State jets was seen in the dailies.

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Peter Obi’s Independence speech brutally condemned the extravagant spending of Nigerian leaders; governors particularly. His speech revealed that it takes as much as N10 million to transport a state governor and his aides to and from the nation’s capital.

He shocked the entire nation with another revelation of the cost of the Office of the First Lady.

“It costs an average of N2 billion to run the office of the First Lady in every state in Nigeria. Multiply by 36.”

Perhaps it is a coincidence that the jet sale adverts came up few days after the former governor condemned the lavish spending in Nigerian governance.

According to the advert info, the Nigerian presidency is giving up 2 jets – a Falcon 7x and Hawker 4000 – from the presidential fleet, for sale.

It says that interested buyers could inspect the Falcon at the presidential wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International, Airport, Abuja; while the Hawker could also be inspected at Cessna Zurich Citation Service Centre, Zurich, Switzerland.

The information in the media says that the transaction will be done under the office of the national security adviser (NSA). Potential buyers are informed that all bids should be quoted in US dollars.

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Senator Ben Murray Bruce had once taken to his twitter account to urge the president to reduce the number of the Nigerian presidential jets as maintaining them at a time like this was simply outrageous.

“I appeal to @MBuhari to sell off our 11 presidential jets. Maintaining them at the current ₦5.3 Billion per annum is against #commonsense. Does it make #commonsense that our presidential air fleet is larger than the combined fleet of the Queen of England and the British PM?”

It appears the President listened and is putting it to action.