Buhari’s Health: Acting President Osinbajo Has This To Say

Amidst the “dying” rumours of Nigeria’s President Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osibanjo has declared that the rumours on President Buhari’s health are wrong.

President Buhari left Nigeria for Britain in January, the administration claimed he was on a 10-day holiday. However, a report was published later that the president will not return to the country due to a recommended “series of checks” by his doctor. This raised more questions on the issue of President Buhari’s health.

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The report failed to explain what “series of checks” the President was meant to carry out, neither did it state the President’s new return date, causing rumors that he could be away for four months more. Acting-President (VP) Yemi Osinbajo countered that the president will return “soon”, adding that President Buhari is “hale and hearty”.

Meanwhile, a group of Nigerians allegedly took to the UK high commission, demanding to see the president vis-a-vis for a 5-minute speech, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

For some time now, the President has been away from the media, a picture which was published on social media of the President and a Nigerian state governor dining together in the UK is being alleged to have been fake because the governor in the picture was at the time in Nigeria. Another image of the President and His wife together in the UK is said to have been an old picture.

Buhari’s absence was a bother during the One Voice Nigeria protest which took place in Lagos, the capital, Abuja and some other Nigerian states on Monday.

The Acting President added that he spoke to the President in regards to the protests carried out yesterday.

“I informed (Buhari) about the protest march and feedback about what people are saying about the economy,

“Once he sees the test results and gets medical advice, we expect him very soon,” Osinbajo said.

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In a different speech on Monday, the Acting President said he hears the message of the protesters “loud and clear” and they are working ” night and day to make life easier”.

However, Nigerians are not convinced and require more action and less talk from their leaders.