Buhari's Nepotism

It looks like Buhari’s nepotism is being revealed in various sectors under his administration. It’s as though it gets clearer and clearer by the minute.

President Buhari’s administration has been critiqued to be one-sided when it comes to privileges and anti-corruption fights.

From his awkward relationship with his deputy, to his fights with lawmakers cum PDP members, to his daunting indifference in religious extremism, Nigerians are getting fed up with what they can clearly see and call Buhari’s nepotism.

Nigerian unemployment rate is so alarming that a lot of Nigerians on Wednesday did not take it lightly when they supposedly perceived the quiet and illegal recruitment going on in Buhari’s administration.

The anger of the protesters is that it is hypocritical that the President who proclaimed his disapproval of corruption could be found perpetuating the same crime.

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Tracing it back to recent past events, many prominent Nigerians have dared to accuse the President of nepotistic tendencies. The Wednesday protesters included several Nigerian activists.

“It is shocking the government has been loud in its silence. Nobody has investigated or reversed it….President Buhari came to power on the crest of anti-corruption campaign.”– Daniel Olatunde

Together with pained Nigerians, the crowd marched  to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and handed them their protest letter as they made their views clear with their placards.

It is expected that the letter will get to the president who in turn is urged to be true to his much repeated tagline of “zero corruption”.

Report says that Daniel Olatunde, convener of Citizens of Impact accused the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) of illegally recruiting workers after they had paid large sums of money as bribes.

He went on to say that Buhari’s nephew and 908 others were recently employed in that manner. He also did not forget to mention that about 530 appointment letters were backdated to cover their tracks.

Olatunde also extended his anger to Babatunde Fowler, FIRS Chairman, whom he said lied to Nigerians, saying the organization will recruit 1,250 people.

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Little did the people know that the ‘recruitment’ was reserved for “children of his cronies including that of John Enoh, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance.”

After giving the protesters audience to air their views, the Special Assistant to Mr. Buhari on Policy, Development and Analysis, Ibrahim Bapitel had this to say:

“I believe in the content of this letter. I assure action could be taken.”

With no date to return for a response, the protesters have scheduled another protest for next week till something is done about their complaints over Buhari’s nepotism.