Buhari's Second Indefinite Medical Trip

Buhari’s Second Indefinite Medical Trip– For the second time since February, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has taken another indefinite medical trip to the UK.

Just like the first time, Nigerians are worried about the Presidents state of health.

Buhari’s second indefinite medical trip is raising political doubts about his fitness to continue as the president.

A die-hard critique of the ruling government, Femi Fani Kayode has equally stated the obvious. Kayode sounded it as a note of warning that the north may erupt crisis in a case where Buhari gives up his position.

However he makes it crystal clear that democratically, they have no right to determine who takes over from Buhari.

Vanguard reported FFK’s reaction to a part of a Punch article by Dr. Junaid Mohammed which read thus:

“If anything happens to Buhari the north will insist on being in power till 2027…..those who see Buhari as their representative and are not being treated justly are going to claim their own rights and the only way you are going to resolve the issue is that after Buhari’s administration, you have it zoned to the north for eight to 10 years”.

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Blasting the author’s assertion FFK replied with another piece titled Junaid Mmohammed’s bunkum and the final battle for Nigeria’s independence. 

“This is bunkum! There is no such thing as “insisting” on anything in a democratic setting.”

“Dr. Junaid Mohammed is out of touch with reality and he speaks only for the lunatic ultra-conservative wing of the core northern Muslim ruling elite to which he belongs.”

Kayode was particularly disturbed that Dr. Junaid Mohammed portrayed “core northern supremacists” as though they were saints.

In fairness he says that Mohammed does not represent the opinions of “moderate, reasonable, rational and God-fearing core northerners”.

FFK says that as far as democracy is concerned, no form of coercion or compulsion from northern extremists will work.

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As stereotypical of the region, there is a speculated agitation that a northerner takes the place of Buhari in 2019 in an occasion where he bows out of office on health grounds.

If that becomes the case, FFK says it is not their right to demand so. The only way that would be democratically possible is via thorough negotiation not threats.

“Nothing must be taken for granted. It will not be given to them as of right but, if at all, it will be conceded to them as a consequence of the freely exercised will of the Nigerian people from both the north and the south.”

He reminded Nigerians that no ethnic group has more rights than others. Thus the “born to rule” ideology of core northerners is no longer welcome in the country.

“The truth is that if anything happens to Buhari nothing will happen and Nigeria will move on.”

Buhari’s second indefinite medical trip has become sensitive to the nation’s way forward.

The last time the president was seen was during the return of 82 Chibok girls last week.

According to the presidency, the UK medical trip was delayed so that he could personally receive the girls in Aso Rock.

From his physical state, Nigerians could tell without an iota of doubt that the president was not medically fit. The cause of his ailment is still not publicly known.

On his return after the first trip, Buhari started working from home and missed several vital administrative meetings.