Afflicted Nigerians Set To Take Laws Into Their Hands As Government Remains Silent Over Fulani Massacres

In the past few months, peaceful Nigerian communities have been invaded by a common group identified as the Fulani herdsmen. They have made awful exploits in some Nigerian states.

The most recent attack happened in Enugu state where they razed down people’s homes, lands and properties, burnt a man, killed as many as 40 and counting. So far, the Federal government of Nigeria has been “silent” about these Fulani massacres.

Angry Nigerians from the regions that have been affected by the Fulani Massacres under such bodies as the Afenifere and MASSOB have registered their dismay at the government’s indifference over the matter.

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The PAN-Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere publicly slammed the federal government for doing nothing about the killings. In particular, they took offence with the minister of Information, Lai Mohammed. In his statement, he said that the government is “working silently” on the matter.

“we reject the statement of Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Muhammed that the federal government is working silently on this matter. Several killings cannot be going on in the open and the federal government says it’s working silently, it is unfortunate that that statement is coming from the federal government of Nigeria.”

“We believe that given the fact that Nigeria is threading on the path of disintegration if the issue of Fulani herdsmen is not well handled.”

In the same way, the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra, MASSOB has given the Presidency a 30 days ultimatum to do something about the gruesome Fulani massacres in the South-East or ‘they (MASSOB) will’.

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Without mincing words MASSOB has accused the administration of protecting “his kinsmen” (the attackers) who have violated their people, farmlands, women, homes and properties. According to the South-East association, Buhari’s silence cum inability to boldly step into the matter is disturbingly unclear.

The statement emphatically warns the “terrorists” in the guise of herdsmen to steer clear from “Biafra land”, saying it is “out of their Islamization policy.”

“MASSOB is worried that Fulani herdsmen have become very daring in their attacks since President Buhari came to power. We are not saying Buhari is their sponsor, but his silence over the attacks is suspicious. MASSOB is giving Buhari 30 days ultimatum to stop the attacks or face our wrath… Again, we are warning Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors to withdraw from Biafra land.”