After One Year Buhari Is Still Shocked At Jonathan

One year gone in office and Jonathan is still a source of puzzle for President Buhari.

As contained in Buhari’s tribute to Jonathan, the commemoration of Buhari’s one year in office will be incomplete without mentioning Jonathan’s remarkable political gesture.

The Nigerian President who has been recorded to have said his time in office has been more shocking than normal says that till now he could not fathom why past president Jonathan conceded defeat during the 2015 general elections.

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Still in awe, Buhari expresses the unlikeliness that a man of Jonathan’s calibre who has served in many political and government capacities would honorably accept to make way for a new leadership despite his own political ambition to be President. He admitted that the act presented him in no lesser light than humble and generous.

“This is where I pay my respect to former President Goodluck Jonathan… He called me at a quarter past five in the evening. He said good evening Your Excellency sir and I said good evening.”

“He said I have called to congratulate you and have conceded defeat. Of  course, there was dead silence on my end because I did not expect it. I was shocked. I did not expect it because after 16 years, the man was a deputy governor, governor, Vice President and was President for six years.”

“For him to have conceded defeat even before the result was announced by INEC, was quite generous and gracious of him.”

The congratulatory call prompted the first ever visit of President Buhari to the Aso Villa. President Buhari felt the need to pay tribute to his predecessor during a meeting with the press at the Presidential villa yesterday. Buhari’s tribute came as a matter of courtesy.

Buhari’s tribute is coming across as a surprise. This is because of the speculations that Goodluck Jonathan is likely to be probed. I guess this is the part like the President said, where we give honor to whom it is due.

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The President did not also fail to recount the hurdles that his administration has had to go through in the course of this one year. He also said his second shock was coming across the term ‘padding’ with regards to the controversial 2016 budget.

“For somebody like me, for the first time I heard what is called padding.”

President Buhari blamed the economic struggle of the nation at present on the mono-economic system practiced in Nigeria for so long. He also commended his ministers who participated in the “change mission”. Buhari says that the nation will “recover by the fourth quarter of the year”.