Details of Burzis kanga and Hoda Kotb’s Relationship, Marriage and Divorce

Burzis Kanga is a name that needs no introduction in the world of tennis; he is the current head coach of the New Orleans Privateers. He was formerly married to famous news broadcaster, Journalist and television personality Hoda Kotb. Although the marriage made Kanga almost as famous as Hoda, it did not last and soon  ended in an official divorce after four years. Thereafter, Kanga made a decision to lead a private life void of media attention. Here, you will read about how their relationship started and the eventual build up to the divorce.

Burzis Kanga – Bio

Burzis Kanga’s age has been a long-time subject of debate. Many that tried to guess his age ended up suggesting different years that may actually be or not be his age. The reason his age is often being guessed is not farfetched; the head coach for the New Orleans Privateers prefers to keep details of his early life very private. However, his ex-wife was born on the 9th day of August 1964.

Kanga’s age is not the only detail he has kept under wraps, he has also no revealed anything about his growing up days, details about his basic education, and family background, these are all personal matters to him. However, it is a known fact that he was born in America and he has an American Nationality whereas his ethnicity has been traced to Egypt and Tanzania of East Africa.

His passion for tennis started when he was growing up. As a high school student, he was an avid tennis player. He became a member of a private tennis team and played a pivotal role between 1980 and 1983. Burzis Kanga held sway with the team and played for four solid seasons winning over fifty matches with the team. He graduated from the University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Business but continued to play tennis in different competitions across Europe, Mexico, and the United States.

He later served as the Sports Commissioner for the 1996 Amateur Atletic Union (AAU) Olympics games where he earned the glory for bringing back the University Tennis center to life. When he was appointed the board member of Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, he made several contributions that were geared towards sports development especially in the foundation.

He served as the coach of the University of New Orleans (UNO) between 1986 and 1989 after which the program went on a hiatus. He made his second stint in 2003 and stayed till 2006. He was hired by the Lakefront in the year 2008 where he recorded a remarkable 81-9 mark as a senior in his first season in charge of the team. He was the only member that achieved the All American honors of UNO tennis team.

Currently, the legendary tennis trainer is doing well as the head coach of the New Orleans Privateers where he has been giving his best to the team. the millionaire tennis coach also holds the United States Tennis Association Professional 1 title.

Details of Burzis kanga and Hoda Kotb’s Relationship

Burzis kanga
Burzis Kanga and is ex-wife Hoda Kotb Image Source

Precisely on the Valentine’s Day of 2004, Kanga’s path crossed for the first time with Hoda Kotb, n fabulous TV personality, news anchor and TV show host. They had both attended an event for the American Heart Association on the Valentine’s Day of 2004 in New Orleans. Theirs was love at first sight. and from there on, they were inseparable till they were legally married.

After their chance meeting, they dated for nearly a year with beautiful chemistry between the pair, Kanga proposed to his sweetheart in May of 2005. They tied the knot six months after in December of the same year in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Marriage and Divorce

Though the beginning of their marriage was characterized by love, it could not stand the test of time and lasted for only a few years. On the 15th day of February 2007, the wife, Hoda filed for a divorce which was granted on February 6, 2008. Sadly, their marriage did not produce any child.

The reason for their divorce is unknown but may not be unconnected to Kanga’s medical challenges as well as the issue of distance seeing as the Coue lived in different cities due to the nature of their jobs. Kanga often regularly journeyed from New Orleans to New York to spend time with his wife. Many speculate that if Kanga had agreed to relocate to New York, the problem would have been half solved, but he found it challenging to live anywhere else outside New Orleans where he had lived for over three decades.

Since their divorce in 2008, the 5 ft 10 inches tall Kanga has been living a quiet life staying away from the attention of the media and tending his coaching job whereas he ex-wife, Hoda Kotb has found love again in the arms of Joel Schiffman with whom she has adopted a daughter named Haley Joy.


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