Bushra Maneka (Bibi), Imran Khan’s Wife: Everything You Need To Know

Bushra Maneka is currently the first lady of Pakistan. She is the spouse of former cricketer and the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Also known as Bushra Bibi, she is a well-known spiritual preacher, faith healer, and sufi scholar. Imran Khan assumed office six months after his marriage to Bushra. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pakistan first lady and Imran Khan’s homemaker.

Bushra Maneka Biography

Bushra was born Bushra Riaz Wattoo on the 16th of August, 1971 in Dipalpur, Okara District,  Punjab, Pakistan. She belongs to the Wattoo clan. Bushra was born into a conservative, politically influential family that originates from Pakpattan, a town located 250 kilometers southwest of Lahore and famous for the shrine of Farid, a renowned poet and Sufi saint.

Famous as Pinki Bibi or Pinki Pir, Bushra gave Imran Khan significant support on spiritual matters before their marriage. She was in fact, his spiritual mentor. Highly impressed by her spiritual prowess, Imran subsequently married her.

Facts You Need To Know About Imran Khan’s Wife

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1. Her First Marriage

Prior to her marriage to Imran Khan, Bushra first married Khawar Maneka in 1987. Khawar was a senior customs official and the son of Pakistan politician, Muhammad Ghulam Maneka, a former federal minister in the cabinet of Benazir Bhutto. He also served as a member of the National assembly of Pakistan.

From Bushra’s union with Maneka, she has five children; two sons and three daughters. Two of her three daughters are married. One of them, Mehru married Mian Atta Manika, the son of a Pakistan politician. In 2013, her sons, Ebrahim and Musa graduated from Aitchison College, Lahore (Imran Khan’s Alma mater). After that, they traveled abroad to further their education. Unfortunately, Bushra Bibi and Khawar Maneka’s marriage could not last forever. The couple divorced in 2017, citing personal reasons. They were married for thirty years.

2. Marriage to Imran Khan

Bushra Maneka met Imran Khan for the first time in 2015. It was Bushra’s sister, Maran Riaz Wattoo who introduced the two to each other. Khan usually visited Bushra Bibi to receive advice and counsel on religious matters. During one of such visits, Bushra predicted that Imran’s candidate, Jehangir Tareen would win the 2015 by-election in Lodhran. Tareen eventually won, and the incident heightened the integrity and respect he had for Bushra. Imran thereafter visited more regularly for counsel and advice.

As the visits became more often, the duo’s understanding for each other was also growing. However, the desire for marriage did not rise until Khan learned about Bushra’s divorce in 2017. They subsequently tied the knot in 2018. A few months after their wedding, they went to Mecca on a pilgrimage.

After marrying Khan, Bushra Maneka stated openly that Imran has taught her how to serve God better. According to the Pakistan first lady, Imran opened her eyes to the importance and benefits of helping the helpless and the needy.

3. She is Imran’s Third Wife

Bushra Maneka is Imran Khan’s third wife. Prior to marrying Maneka, Khan has married twice, alongside numerous other domestic partners, girlfriends, and flings. He initially married Jemima Goldsmith. Their union lasted from 1995 to 2004. Prior to his marriage to Goldsmith, Imran had two domestic partners – Emma Sergeant (1982-1986) and Sita White (1987-1991). Khan later married Reham Khan in October 2014. The duo divorced the next year, 2015, the same year he met Bushra Maneka.

4. Bushra’s Life As Prime Minister’s Wife

Following her marriage to PM Imran Khan, Bushra Maneka has been a very successful homemaker as well as a strong support to her husband and his political career. She once said in an interview that she is sure that her husband will fulfill the promises he made to their people by improving the health and educational system and also eliminating poverty in the country.

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Bushra Bibi, however, prefers staying indoors rather to attending social functions and this, Khan accepted without objections. She has also disclaimed all social media presence, maintaining that any account attributed to her details are false. Maneka is as well the first veil-wearing wife of a Prime Minister in Pakistan. The choice to wear a veil, she said is her personal decision in line with religious teachings, and that she is not compelling anyone else to wear it.

5. Bushra Maneka’s Physical Stats

Bushra is a beautiful and elegant woman with black hair, dark brown eyes, and an alluring body build. She has the enviable hourglass body figure measuring 35-32-38 inches by bust, waist, and hips respectively. Bushra however, has a small height, she stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters) with a balanced weight of about 121 lbs, (55 kilograms).

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