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Kenyan music videos have been lacking some vital ingredients over the past years, but we are slowly experiencing a shift this year. The best way to sum up the BuzzKenya Top 10 Music Videos for January 2017 is by simply saying; what a man can do, a woman can do even better!

In an industry where the men are hardly consistent, I guess it only leaves room for the women to step up and the Kenyan female artists are doing just that! Here is what we mean, check out our top 10 Kenyan music videos released in January 2017.

10. Tonight – The Band Beca x Petra

Petra kills this jam with her back-to-back flows and the way she spits it all out is simply out of this world. Classy, fresh and sexy! That’s all I can say about Petra’s addition to this track.

‘Tonight’ is a song with a strong message of love, affection, and appreciation. The song was produced by David. F. Hunter and the video directed by Kevin Bosco.

9. Shally Maina – Jiachilie

Shally Maina is a super sassy and talented artist from Pacho Group. At number 9, Shally keeps us entertained with ‘Jiachilie’.

Jiachilie which simply means let loose is a feel-good party anthem. The song encourages us to leave our troubles behind and focus on enjoying the moment. It was produced by Cedo from Pacho Group, and the video was by VJ One.

8. The Band BeCa – Brathe (Smooth Harmonies Version)

The Band BeCa is a group consisting of 2 beautiful, confident and talented ladies who are about to take the industry by storm with a different feel delivered by their music.

The song Brathe is not new, but it comes in 3 different versions! Hope you enjoyed the video to the second version of Brathe; which is a “smooth harmonies version”.

7. Milele – King Kaka featuring Tokodi

Another slow jam titled Milele by King Kaka featuring Tokodi. Divine vocals by Tokodi and of course the King himself plays around with his words boldly spoken in Kiswahili. Enjoy the video.

6. Le Band x Suzziah – Number 1

At number six is ‘Number 1’ by Le Band and Suzziah. The song is produced by super Kenyan producer MG and the video was directed by award-winning director Moses Osidiana of Brainworks films.

‘Number ‘1 is a slow-paced song, the combination of this talented group of artists truly makes it come together like sugar, spice, and everything nice.

5. I Do It – Kayvo Kforce X Dj KillBill

‘I Do It’ is a track by Kayvo Kforce; produced by DJ Kill Bill and directed by VJ One. In a list dominated by female artists, Kforce is the only male artist who comes up top on the list of top Kenyan music videos.

The video is fresh, simple and in-line with the title of the song (Do It!). Kforce waves the Kenyan flag high with his smooth Kiswahili flows.

4. Live It Up – Creme De La Creme Ft Redsan & Victoria Kimani

‘Live It Up’ is a recent project by the legendary Deejay Creme De La Creme, featuring Redsan and Victoria Kimani. Creme has been working on a collaborative partnership with various producers. On ‘Live It Up’, he added some elements to the track, arranged the vocals and the general direction of the project.

Though this is just a lyrical Video, this jam is such a hit; it had to be on our countdown.

3. Fena Gitu – Sema Ng’we

Nothing seems to be slowing Fena down this year! At number 3 is her ‘Sema Ng’we’, produced by Jack on the beat. Gabu (P-Unit) also gets to drop some flows towards the end of the song.

With ‘Sema Ng’we’, we get to see the creative side of Fena presented with humour. If you want to get something trending in Kenya fast, make it a challenge and you’d be amazed by the response you receive. Fena tries to tap into that with this video in a fun and comical way (Push-ups in the middle of traffic). Well-done Fena, we can’t wait to hear and see what’s in store for us this year!

2. Tippy Toe – Femi One featuring Kristoff

After watching this jam, the only words left ringing in my head were “Ma Tippy… Tippy… Tippy… Tippy… …Tippy Toe”. Femi One came in hard on this one and her choice of having Kristoff on the feature was just spot on!

Kristoff brought the extra salt needed to leave a long-lasting impression even after the song has been long played. An exquisite video, lovely dancers, and neat production. ‘Tippy Toe’ was produced by Jack on the beat and the video was directed by Johnson Kyalo.

1. Kama Kawaida – Kagwe Mungai x Mayonde x Fena Gitu x Muthoni Drummer Queen

‘Kama Kawaida’ is the second song from an ongoing collaboration between Nairobi-based heavyweights (Kagwe Mungai, Mayonde, Fena Gitu, Muthoni Drummer Queen and Blinky Bill). There is nothing that says woman power in the musical world in Kenya right now as loud as this track.

The song starts off with Mayonde who does an excellent job on her flows, style and body movement. Next was Fena Gitu, she came in with a delivery strong enough to knock off a number of male artists in the game. Finally, the queen herself ‘Muthoni Drummer Queen’ came in with that fire mixing Kiswahili with some fine English effortlessly.

On a final note, we at BuzzKenya loved the collaboration and individual talent fused together in making this song one for the books. We were a little disappointed with the video though; Kagwe Mungai already has his name on the track and did a not so shabby intro. There was no need to have him pop his face all over the video.

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