Here’s All the Exercise You Will Need To Get Rid Of The Calories From That Glass Of Wine

It’s another weekend and for most people, that means time to unwind with friends, family or just alone, by themselves.

A glass of wine or any other alcoholic beverage of choice would normally accompany such relaxation, whether partying it up or having a quiet evening at home.

A lot has been said about soft drinks and the caloric punch that they pack, but we have never really had a concise reading on how much calories alcoholic beverages like a glass of wine confer, until now.

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So the question you should be asking and we should look to answer is; how do alcoholic beverages directly impact your lifestyle of weight watching?

New statistics released by online retailer have some exact answers to that regard, telling us how much work a person will need to put in to reverse the damage done by a glass of wine or some of our other favorite alcoholic beverages – and it’s not great news.

It may not be great news, but it mainly presents a cautionary tale in the sense of it showing that during and after all that weekend fun, you need to be conscious of exercising and staying active.

A Glass of Red Wine:

Glass of wine

If you like to unwind with a glass of red wine, there are 214 calories per 250ml. It will take 60 squats to reverse the damage and if you are splitting a bottle with a friend, you can just go ahead and triple that total.

A Pint of Lager:

If your preferred beverage is beer, you’re looking at 330 calories, the equivalent is 20 minutes of high intensity interval training. If you insist on gurgling a few more, you’ll earn yourself an hour.

A Glass of White Wine:

Glass of wine

If white wine is your preference, you are slightly better off with 190 calories per 250ml. Forking it off will take 30 minutes of kickboxing, but again you’re going to have to increase that time frame if you’re having a few glasses.

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Gin and Tonic:

Looking for a low-cal alternative to wine and beer? Gin and tonic is a favorite spirit and mixer for those watching their weight, but one 170ml serving of gin and tonic still contains 143 calories, and you could translate that as 260 sit ups.