What To Know About Bassist Calum Hood’s Age, Height and Girlfriend

Band groups over the years are sensational, with the blend of their harmonious voices tripping all listeners and music lovers to want more of the performance; this is largely true of Calum Hood’s Australian based all-boys pop-rock punk group the 5 Seconds of Summer aka 5 SOS.

Calum Hood is an integral part of this group and has written and co-written most of their songs, call him a song composer, singer and bass guitarist and keyboardist then you would not be wrong. Read on to know more interesting facts like his age, girlfriend, net worth, height, family among others.

Calum Hood’s Age and Ethnicity

Calum Thomas Hood sprouted from the loins of His Scottish father David and New Zealand (Kiwi) Mother, Joy Hood on January 25, 1996, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He has an older sister called Mali-Koa, who was a contestant in the Australian music reality show ‘The Voice’. Mali is equally a musician, although she did not cross the elimination stages of the ‘The Voice’ competition.

With respect to his education, the only known fact is that Calum attended the Norwest Christian College, Riverstone, New South Wales, Australia where he met and became friends with his would-be band members. In his early days in school he is reputed to have been a bright student who played football and soccer, he even won a soccer scholarship which he eventually dropped to pursue his dream as a musician.

The young Bass guitarist with 3 other friends; Michael Clifford (Lead guitarist and support vocalist), Luke Hemmings (Lead Singer, Rthymic Guitarist), Ashton Irwin (Drummer and support vocalist) formed the ‘5 seconds of Summer’ pop rock-punk musical band in 2011.

The Band is sometimes referred to as 5 SOS is an Australian based all boys band group famous for ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘She Looks So Perfect’. Calum Hood is majorly credited with writing most of the songs of the band and he is said to have spurred others into composing their own songs, all of which have contributed to the group’s overall success.

Cal, as he is sometimes called by his family members and fans with his band have headlined not less 12 shows/tours they have also opened 4 tours or concerts for Hot Chelle Rae (2012) and One Direction 3 times (2013, 2014 and 2015).

So far so good, Calum Hood’s group has come a long way in the past 7 years with 3 studio albums, 17 Musical Videos, 7 extended plays, 1 live album, and 12 singles that have topped not just the Australian Music charts but it has cut across the United States to other countries of the world.

Calum Hood
Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, and Irwin Ashton (image source)

The 5 SOS group originally got noticed when they posted their cover of the songs of Chris Brown ‘Next To You’ and Mike Posner’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ on their YouTube channel. Their collective efforts earned them signing with a record label and they also got to headline the tour of the famous Irish-English all-boys group ‘One Direction’- this gave them worldwide fame.

By 2014 5 SOS dropped their self-titled studio album that climbed to the number 1 position in the Australian, Canadian, Irish and even the US music charts. This success was quickly followed up with their extended play ‘She Appears So Real’ which equally hit the number 1 in the Canadian music chart while clinching the 2nd place on the US chart.

Their song ‘She Looks Therefore Ideal’ was certified 3 times platinum by RIAA and it was on the 1st position on the Australian, UK, and Irish music charts. Their recent effort  and third studio album ‘Youngblood’ made history in June 2018, in the music world when it clinched the first spot of the US Billboard 200 charts knocking off iconic Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z’s ‘Everything is Love’; thus making the 5 SOS the first Australian Music group/band to have clinched back to back 3 albums debuting number 1 on the US music charts.

Youngblood sold over 142,000 units ahead of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s song 123,000 units, thanks to the wonderful fanbase they have that helped fast-track the early and quick sale of the album. The band members were wowed and could not resist the urge to thank their wonderful fans on their social media handle.

Calum Hood and the 5 SOS efforts in the music industry have not gone unappreciated as they have been nominated for various awards, some of which they have gone home with; such as the MTV Video Music Awards, The Teens Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, American Music Awards, ARIA Music Awards among others.

Who is His Girlfriend?

The cute face of the all-boys rock-pop band Calum Hood has been romantically linked with quite a few beauties. Some of them who were rumored to have had a thing for him includes; Samantha Alaimo, Lucy Kaufmann, Caitlin Davis, Jennifer Phipps, and Stella Hudgens.

He was known to have had a brief relationship with YouTube star Maddy Harris and it is believed that Calum Hood probably made her famous by virtue of their relationship. Moreover, it was believed that there was a spark between him and the American drummer girl Nia Lovelies but alas that spark never glowed into any tangible relationship as it quickly died off.

Currently, Calum seems to be showing most of his love and attention to his band members and music as he has not been spotted with any chick or love interest, be sure you will be the first to know once we get any gist on this effect.

Height and Other Facts About The Bassist

1. Calum Hood’s height is reported as 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 m) his frame is complemented by his body mass of 79 kilograms (174 lbs).

2. His other body measurements are reported as a chest of 38 inches, biceps measuring 14 inches, and waist of 32 inches. His band members say he has got a great body, hairless legs and a cute ass like a lady.

3. Calum’s net worth is estimated to be within $10 million.

4. The musician is such a busy bee with a myriad number of followers on social media. His Instagram alone boasts of over 5.4 million followers with more than 7 million followers on Twitter while on Facebook, Calum has over 350,000 followers.

5. His Group has been nominated for over 109 awards, 47 of which they have clinched.

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