Cameroon Attacks A Major Boko Haram Base In Nigeria

Cameroon attacked a major boko haram base in Nigeria last week where they seized arms and prisoners and also killed over 100 militants.

The attack took place from February 11 to 14 in Goshi, Nigeria, nine miles from Ashigashia, a town on the border between both countries. The Guardian reports that 100 hostages were released when the soldiers attacked, among them were 15 Cameroonians. The town is now under surveillance by the Nigerian army.

The extremists established training and bomb making facilities in Ngoshe, were they were brainwashing teenage girls and women to become suicide bombers.

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“The town of Goshi in Nigeria was formally identified as one of the Boko Haram posts, hosting factories for the manufacturing of bombs and mines,” Cameroon’s communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary said.

It does not come as a shock considering recent attacks by the islamic militants were carried out by young girls. In one of such recent attacks on a camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Dikwa, Nigeria, the extremists employed three girls to blow up the camp. One of them wouldn’t detonate her bomb  because she had seen her family.

The Cameroonian army lost two soldiers in the operation which was done under the banner of the joint multinational task force.

Since 2009, Nigeria and surrounding neighbors; Niger, Chad and Cameroon have been plagued by Boko Haram, the jihadist group which seeks to eliminate western education in Nigeria and also create an Islamic state. This made all four countries including Benin pledge to deploy some of their troops in a bid to end Boko Haram jointly. The United States also provided the regions with tools and troops to help curb the insurgents.

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