Cameroon Hit By Suicide Bomb Attack

On Monday 25th January, suicide bombers attacked the Northern region of Cameroon. There has been no claim on the insurgency yet, but it is believed to be an attack from the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram.

The attack killed at least 32 and left 66 others injured. This toll has been rising since the attack occurred and could be higher as some wounded are being admitted to hospitals. Local officials claim it was a three-way attack. The suicide bombers are believed to have attacked the entrance, exit and central market at the same time. This occurred in the town of Bodo which shares a border with North eastern Nigeria, the Boko Haram strong hold.

Some officials also believe the attackers slipped into the town with the help of the dusty Harmattan winds which is common in the region at this time of the year.

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This would not be the first time the town has been attacked, it has been a ripe target for Boko Haram in recent years. In December 2015, two female suicide bombers attacked the town, blowing themselves up at the entrance to the town. Also on 13th January, some suicide bombers attacked a mosque in the town of Kouyape in Northern Cameroon, killing 12 with at least 1 injured.

Cameroon is not the only country in the Boko Haram infested region to fall prey to their encroachment. Other states such as Niger and Chad have been attacked by the insurgents which originally started out in North Eastern Nigeria. This has led all three countries including Benin to pledge to deploy some of their troops in a bid to end Boko Haram jointly. However, due to delays, the regional task force are yet to begin joint operations. The United States also provided the regions with tools and troops to help curb the insurgents.

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