Cameroonian Arthur Zang Invents The CardioPad

The Cardio Pad is a an invention by Cameroonian Arthur Zang. The device is designed to facilitate the medical attention of rural dwellers who are cardiac patients. With the cardio pad, they can get medical aid faster than usual from health practitioners in the cities.

The Cardio pad is a medical tablet that helps local health workers perform ECG’s and other cardiac tests. With the Bluetooth provision of the device, the obtained diagnosis are sent to health specialists in city hospitals. The tablet has a battery that lasts for 6 hours when fully charged. This is the first of its kind in Africa.

Will it be surprising to say that the young Cameroonian had neither the professional training and funds to make this invention a reality? But because it was worth it, Arthur spared no iota of mediocrity. The computer scientist self-schooled himself through the internet. He did that via a free online course by the Indian Institute of Technology. From there, he equipped himself with the knowledge of medical electronics.

“I was able to design an electronic device. It was a very big challenge to learn the technology, and the internet is a very good tool to learn.”- Arthur

Cameroon’s Society of Cardiologists, posits that about 30% of the West African nation’s 22 million population suffer from high blood pressure cum heart diseases. Aside the few specialist facilities in cities like Douala and Yaoundé, the rural areas have none to meet their medical needs. And that’s where this 2014 Rolex Young Laureate, comes in to bridge the gap.

Cardio Pad

The 27-year-old produced one cardio pad kit in 2010. To spread the word around, Arthur advertised his invention on Facebook. The social media platform was a good place to publicize the budding business. There, he shares the details and information of the Cardio Pad kit.

The prospects of the touchscreen tablet attracted the attention of Cameroonian president, Paul Biya. He supported Arthur with the sum of $30,000. With that amount, 20 more Cardio Pads were produced. In a tech-exhibition and competition, Arthur was awarded  $55,677, by Rolex. This sponsored the production of another 100 medical tablets.

Arthur’s target is to have about 500 Cardio Pads in Cameroonian hospitals. Subsequently, he intends to make them available to other African and Indian rural communities. Arthur is the founder, researcher and CEO of Hilmore Medical Equipment.

“As long as we shall not understand that research work is absolutely a necessary domain and not optional, it will not take-off. If researchers and politicians do not succeed in agreeing on this subject, growth will be factitious because it will not be sustained by anything viable.”- Arthur Zang