Interesting Bits of Camila Alves’ Marriage to McConaughey and How She Diversified Her Modeling Career

Camila Alves McConaughey is a Brazilian-American model and designer known to be the wife of American actor, Matthew McConaughey. She runs a bag line, Muxo Handbags, alongside her mom and also co-founded an organic food company called Yummy Spoonfuls.

At first, it wasn’t all rosy for Camila who initially worked as a waitress and a house cleaner before her career blossomed as a model and designer. Many have described her success growth as a reward for persistence, hard work, and diligence. She is also the mother of three children and a loving wife.

Camila Alves Learned The Ropes From Her Early Life In Brazil

Camila Alves
Camila Alves and her brother (Instagram)

The elegant, sexy model was born on the 28th of January 1982 in Brazil. She was raised alongside her brother and because she was the darker member of her family, she always got questioned on how it happened.

She spent her first fifteen years in the country before leaving for Los Angeles, USA. She learned the basics regarding fashion and design from her mother who excelled in the crafts and was a loving daughter to her father who was a farmer. Having been born in Brazil, Alves holds a Brazilian nationality and on August 4, 2015, she became a US citizen by naturalization.

While in Los Angeles, the fashion aficionado took up a menial job and worked as a house cleaner for four years before becoming a waitress. As fate may have it, she was often loved by her employees and within a short space, she already became fluent in speaking the English language. So, the young Camila Alves decided to stay back in the United States of America, refusing to return to her place of birth.

From Becoming A Waitress To Excelling As A Famous Model

Camila Alves
Camila Alves (Image Source)

After working as a waitress for a while, Camila Alves moved to New York City in an effort to pursue a career in fashion and modeling. In the years that followed, she worked with many representing agencies, including Major Model Management in New York, Nevs Model Agency in London, Louisa Models in Munich, and Uno Models in Barcelona and Madrid. She appeared in many magazine covers such as Elle, Maxim, Yo Dona, and DC Modern Luxury Magazine. As a model, she participated in the Ready to Wear fashion shows in 2008 and 2009 among other shows.

In New York, she began to design bags, alongside her mother. They spent three years experimenting and mastering their crafts and in no time, began to create much more beautiful styles and stealing the hearts of bag lovers – which led to the birth of her handbag line, Muxo Handbags.

While making a name for herself in fashion, Camila Alves also became a television host. In 2010, she hosted the third season of Shear Genius; a Bravo Network Reality television series.

Two years after, she was made the new face of the clothing line; INC International Concepts. There, she basically worked as the clothing line model. Through the following years, Camila Alves kept on with her modeling gigs and sometime in January 2016, she launched a lifestyle website, Women of Today. On the website, she talked about lifestyle, health, and everything pertaining to women and lifestyle. Sometimes, she also links the websites to her social media pages.

Alves is also the co-founder of an organic food company known as Yummy SpoonFuls; a company that deals with the production of baby food. The same year she became a co-founder, she played co-host for the first season of the Food Network competition show, Kids BBQ Championship.

A Look At The Peculiar Love Journey Of Camila Alves And Her Husband,  

Camila Alves
Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey, and kids

Camila’s love story could be simultaneously interchanged with the saying ‘life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’. Well, the model and actor Mathew McConaughey met when the latter wasn’t making any woman plans as he was happily and healthily single. The two met at Joan’s, a club in Los Angeles in 2006, and fell in love at first sight. What is interesting about their meeting is that Matthew was not a club guy but on that day, he decided to go to the club with his friend.

When the actor first sighted her, he told himself he needed to get off his seat and go talk to her. He invited her and her friends to join them on their table, which they did because she was also into him. They spent a good time speaking Portuguese and that was how their relationship began. There was no doubt that the Oscar-winning actor was already famous at the time, but his wife had no idea who he was; his long beards and rasta hat did not help his case. Three nights later, they were out on their first date.

Five years into their story together as lovers, the actor popped the question on Christmas Eve of 2011, asking Alves to be his forever mate. Camila Alves and Matthew subsequently got married on June 12 the following year in their home in Austin, Texas. The exchange of vows was witnessed by their close friends and family members. 15 years later, the two are not just together, but they also seem very much in love.

Currently, they share three adorable children together; two sons and a daughter. Their first child, Levi Alves McConaughey, was born in 2008 followed by Vida Alves McConaughey born in 2010, and then Livingston Alves McConaughey who was born in 2012. For the People’s magazine 2015 Sexiest Man Alive, he doesn’t mind having eight more kids because his first dream in life was to be a father since the age of 8, but his model wife has had enough, at least for now.

Since her marriage, she has only been able to diverse some more as regards her career. That, however, has not negatively affected her family life as so far, she has been able to manage her filled hands with raising her three beautiful kids.

As aforementioned, Mathew McConaughey is a renowned American actor whose good looks and charm garnered his many roles as a romantic man. He has oftentimes played the role of a love interest and a fighter. His movie credits include A Time To Kill, Contact, The Newton Boys, U-571, The Wedding Planner, and a host of others.

Her Career Successes Have Made Her A Fortune Of $6 Million

The model and designer has come a long way in her career from becoming a model to getting involved in the business world. She has designed lots of bags and also stretched her hands to other businesses. In all her hard work and investments, it is believed that Camila Alves is worth $6 million.

Beyond just making money, she has also spent on the good things of life, as well as Philanthropy. In 2010, she founded the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation together with her husband, and in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, they donated facemasks to rural hospitals in Texas.

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