Camilla Kruger: Zimbabwe’s First Equestrian Rider At The Olympics

Regardless of the political atmosphere clouding Zimbabwe, there is something worth celebrating on the bright side. Camilla Kruger is set to be the first Zimbabwean Equestrian rider to compete at the Olympics.

Camilla Kruger surely did make a big name for Zimbabwe when she qualified to compete at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

Kruger sealed her entry into the Olympic games when she as well as her horse, known as Sam or Biarritz competed against other equestrian riders at the Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) Olympic qualification. Camilla came out top of the competition, making her country very proud.

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The United Kingdom-based Camilla Kruger was really ecstatic over her win, she posted on her Facebook page saying, “this dream is getting really close – we travel to Rio at the end of this month. Insanely exciting! absolutely couldn’t do it without the wonderful team, trainers, sponsors, family and friends supporting Sam and I on our adventure. ‪#‎firstzimequestrianolympian”.

Camilla Kruger: Zimbabwe's First Equestrian Rider At The Olympics

Kruger says she aims at finishing on the top 15, setting an even higher aim for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“I am very much looking forward to Rio with Biarritz. He is a very talented horse and still so much more to give, so Rio will be fantastic exposure and experience for him. At these games, I am aiming for a consistent performance and top 15 finish. But I have big plans for the next Olympics,” she said to The Standard.

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Camilla Kruger will join seven-time Olympic gold medalist, Kirsten Coventry, sprinter Gabriel Mvumvure, Gavin Sutherland of archery, female marathon runner Rutendo Nyahora and rowers Micheen Thornycroft and Peter Purcell-Gilpin, clay target shottist Mike Nicholson and the Zimbabwean women’s football team at the Rio Olympics.

The number of Zimbabwean representatives at Rio is likely to increase as some other athletes are awaiting qualification.