Can I Renew My Car License at Pick n Pay South Africa?

Pick n Pay South Africa is one of the retailers empowered to renew vehicle license discs. This retail outlet has been renewing car licenses for more than a decade with positive feedbacks from motorists in South Africa to show how effective their services are.

Prior to the diversification of the ways one can renew their vehicle license disc, it used to be a very tedious task to undertake in South Africa. This was partly due to the fact that licensing and renewal of license discs were done solely at traffic departments with limited staff available. However, the innovation that allows car license discs to be renewed online and in selected retail stores across South Africa is known to have reduced cost as well as the time spent by vehicle owners to travel to traffic departments to get their license renewed.

How To Renew A Vehicle License Disc At Pick n Pay?

This process of registering for a license at Pick n Pay involves completing the motor vehicle license (MVL1) form. The form is used to obtain information about the car owner and the car to be registered.

Upon successfully completing the registration process, you must pay the amount indicated in the notification you received for license renewal. Once you have done this, your license will be due for delivery at the address you provided in about 48 hours.

What Documents Should I Provide To Renew My License Disc?

To ensure that your license is renewed promptly, applicants are required to provide the following:

  • Your identity document and a copy of it.
  • Old license disc
  • Registered owner’s driver’s license card
  • Motor vehicle license renewal notice (MVL2)
  • Complete form ALV (Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle) if you did not receive a motor vehicle license renewal notice.
  • Proof of residential address, this could be in the form of a utility account or utility bill. If the utility bill is not in the car owner’s name then an affidavit would be required from the owner of such utility bill confirming that the said car owner actually resides at the address provided.
  • An official letter stamped from the ward councilor confirming your residential address if you live in an informal settlement.

If the car is registered under a company or an organization’s name then you will need to bring these documents along:

  • The company’s business certificate
  • Letter from the company or organization confirming you to be their representative
  • Identity document of proxy
  • Pay the licensing fee indicated in the notification

Can I Renew My License At Any Pick n Pay Store?

While Pick n Pay South Africa is among the selected retailers providing car license renewal services, not all Pick n Pay stores in South Africa provide this service. This service is available only at selected Pick n Pay stores across the country which include:

  • PNP Boskruin
  • PNP Craighall
  • PNP Elspark
  • PNP Epsoms Downs
  • PNP Ferndale
  • PNP Honey Junction
  • PNP Megalieskruin
  • PNP Northcliff
  • PNP Wilropark
  • PNP on Nicol
  • PNP Waterkloof Ridge etc.

There are other retail outlets providing car license renewal services besides Pick n Pay and they include:

  • Big Save Motor
  • Easy Steps Africa
  • Arie Nel Pharmacy Wonderpark
  • Family Pet Centre Centurion
  • Family Pet Centre Fourways
  • Savemore Motor
  • 4U Trailer Enterprise
  • Motortown Vehicle Testing Station
  • Laffies Midstream
  • Postlink
  • Postnet
  • Spar
  • Safari Outdoor
  • Storm Global Trading
  • The Biltong Shop
  • Trail Acc Silverton
  • Vaperite etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Your Car License In South Africa?

License renewal at Pick n Pay South Africa costs about R130 which serves as a sort of processing fee. However, you have to also pay the amount stipulated by the government in the notification for the renewal of your license. This licensing fee varies from one province to another and it is dependent on the type of vehicle as well as the tare weight. The vehicle license fee for Gauteng Province for instance goes for an estimated R216 to R26,000.

Where Else Can I Renew My License Apart From Retail Stores?

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While the aforementioned retail outlets allow you to shop for groceries, post a mail or even enjoy the good outdoors while renewing your car license, there are several other ways one can go about renewing their car license discs besides the retail stores. Top on the list is the traffic department in your area. This makes a good choice because any problems that arise in the cause of the renewal can get sorted out there.

There are quite a number of online facilities providing car license renewal services. One of such is Renewonline which promises its customers to apply in just 3 seemingly easy steps and have their new license disc at their doorstep in about 3 days with a processing fee of R130. EasyRenew is another option that allows you to handle your renewal conveniently in five steps: sign up, provide owner’s details (you may add multiple owners), vehicle details, FICA documents and renew. Their service is currently available in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng provinces only and costs R230. It takes about 10 working days for EasyRenew to process and deliver your license.

ChatBack is another platform that allows for vehicle license renewal via WhatsApp. All you need to do is submit your car registration number and you will receive a message on WhatsApp quoting the amount you have to pay. Upon successful payment through PayFast, your application will be processed within 24 hours. ChatBack is a trendy medium for car license renewal as it is able to process applications on the same day. It is also easy to navigate as the transaction is conducted on WhatsApp.

Other online license renewal service providers include Q4U Cape Town, Sorted, FNB, LicenseRenewal SA, Post Office South Africa among others. More so, vehicle license renewal can now be done at the Post Office in South Africa.

Which Is The Fastest Way of Renewing Your Car License In South Africa?

In terms of cost-effectiveness and speed, one may consider renewing at Pick n Pay selected outlets which cost R130 only, and delivers the new license disc at your doorstep in 48 hours which is 2 days compared to other service providers that take about 10 working days to deliver. Renewonline comes second in line in terms of speed with a 72-hour (3 days) delivery timeline and they have been proven to be reliable.

However, irrespective of the way you choose to renew your license, be sure to bring the required documents. Also, come along with the government stipulated renewal fee and service processing fee (if required) to avoid stress and unnecessary delay.


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