CAN has reacted to Soyinka’s remarks on religion over the Southern Kaduna Killings.

During the launch of a book titled Religion and The Making of Nigeria, by Professor Olufemi Vaughan last week Thursday, Soyinka sounded a note of warning to all it may concern, that if care was not taken religion will kill Nigeria.

“If we do not tame religion in Nigeria, religion will kill us.”

“Many Nigerians have paid the ultimate price because of religion and religion is now embedded in our society.”

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According to the Nobel Laureate, doing away with religion would have been an option if it were only possible.

In response to that the The Christian Association of Nigeria and the Jama’atu Nasril Islam have reacted to the Soyinka’s views on religion in separate interviews.

CAN called Soyinka’s supposition unfair as CAN’s National Director, Legal and Public Affairs, Kwamkur Samuel, emphatically stated that religion was not responsible for Nigeria’s problems.

“With due respect to Prof. Soyinka, it is not true that religion is the bane of Nigeria’s stability. No genuine religion promotes killings and destruction of lives and property.”

“It is unfair for the Nobel laureate to project religion as a problem when it is the faithful believers that are praying and sacrificing to keep the nation moving,”

“Christianity preaches peace in all its ramifications. I challenge the professor to identify one attack on any community in Nigeria that was reported to have been carried out by Christians.”

“Let him show any terrorist group by whatever name that shouts the name of Jesus before attacks or claim they are fighting for Jesus.”

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Just like Soyinka equally stated, that Buhari and El-rufai were to blame for increased killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna, CAN also concurred that the problem with Nigeria is that “leaders are not ready to call a spade its real name”.

Going further on, CAN accused Nigerian leadership of injustice by not duly prosecuting the guilty northerners; some of whom were arrested and dubiously released.