New Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors In 11 Days

Tumors, according to the latest discovery of a new cancer treatment can be killed in just 11 days.

In what is the first time cancer has responded to a drug, the treatment which was described as “staggering” was tested on women who had been diagnosed with HER2 + breast cancer in 23 different hospitals in the UK.

The breakthrough treatment which killed tumors as large 3cm could help a lot of women in the future who have to go through chemotherapy sessions, then a surgery in order to treat their cancer.

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The medication which would cost about £1,500 was a combination of two cancer drugs– Herceptin, which is the current standard treatment for such cases, with a second drug called Tyverb. The drugs were given to women suffering from one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer HER2 + as soon as they were diagnosed.

The study which was first presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam, found 9 in 10 women responding positively to the treatment. Although some women who had taken the drug responded negatively, their situation seemingly worse, in most women the cancer  stopped producing, began to fall, some shrank notably and in some cases the disease disappeared.

The researchers , led by the University of Manchester and the Institute of Cancer Research in London had initially aimed at shrinking the cancer cells before surgery. However the surgeons didn’t find the lumps when they tried to operate on the women, they found that in some women the cancer cells had significantly vanished.

The treatment also proved quite effective even in cases where the cancer had spread to the lymph node.

“For solid tumors to disappear in 11 days is unheard of. These are mind-boggling results,” lead researcher Professor Nigel Bundred who is a professor of surgical oncology at the University of Manchester said.

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