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Candace Owens is a black American conservative political commentator and activist. She is the CEO of the Red Pill Black YouTube channel, a platform where she voices her often right-leaning political opinions. Owens also makes her voice heard through the Fox News Network where she visits regularly.

Among her major philosophies is the fight against “victim mentality” among African Americans. Amidst all odds, Owens sees herself as a victor instead of a victim of life circumstances. She prefers to be in the driver’s seat of her life, instead of succumbing to the theory of white oppression. She, therefore, calls on black Americans to shun the constant clamoring against white supremacy and racism, and rather pay attention to black-against-black crimes. Candace is also the founder and leader of the “Blexit” movement, which is a clarion call for a mass exodus from the Democratic Party.

Candace Owens’ Biography (Age)

She was born as Candace Amber Owens on April 29, 1989, under the birth sign of Taurus. Her place of birth is Stamford, Connecticut in the United States of America where she also grew up in the custody of her grandparents following her parents’ divorce. Owens’ childhood was characterized by poverty and the struggle for survival. She grew up in a small apartment in a minority neighborhood from where she attended the Stamford High School.

After high school, Candace Owens enrolled to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Rhode Island. Owing to her family’s financial status, she depended on loans to pull through her college education. She, however, dropped out after her junior year when her loan became stifled. On leaving URI, Candace interned at US Vogue in New York to make ends meet. She, later on, worked as an administrative assistant for an Equity Enterprise.

Political Activism

In 2015, Owens set up a business website called Degree180 which provides consultation, planning and production services. The site also included a liberal blog section where Candace shared her political views which were always anti-conservative/Republican, and of course, anti-Trump.

Following Degree180, Owens proposed the creation of another website, SocialAutopsy in 2016. She targeted the site at nabbing online bullies and racists using their digital footprints. The proposal, however, received harsh criticisms, especially from liberals. The site was finally brought down, causing Owens to shift her political allegiance from left to right.

In the bid to fight back, Candace created the Red Pill Black YouTube Channel in 2017. In November of the same year, she became Turning Point USA director of urban engagement. Following her launch of Red Pill Black, Owens was soon shot to widespread public notice by her vlog on the August 2017 Charlottesville rally which garnered over 80 million views. Jesse Watters of Fox News subsequently invited her to join him on his show on September 24th of the same year. Candace’s appearance on the show shot her to national awareness.

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Candace Owens has also written a number of books including The Joe Rogan Experience (2009), The Myth of the ‘Coon’ (2017), and The Next Revolution (2017).

Husband or Boyfriend – Is She Married?

Candace Owens backsit with boyfriend George Farmer at the Blexit rally in LA image source

Candace Owens is not married yet, and so has no husband at the moment. However, she has got a fiancé, a British guy named George Farmer. According to Tatler, Candace became engaged to Farmer only three weeks after meeting him in December 2018 at the launch of Turning Point UK. She, however, shared the news of their engagement on her Instagram page in February 2019. Prior to this, Candace had expressed her love for George in a January 22 Instagram post. She also followed it up with a photo of herself with Farmer tagged “Wedding Planning”. According to Owens, the duo intends tying the knot before 2019 runs out.

Candace Owens’ boyfriend, George Farmer is the Chairman of the UK version of Turning Point USA – “Turning Point UK”. He is the son of popular British businessman, Michael farmer.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Candace Owens has not yet revealed her net worth. However, some reliable websites have been able to estimate her worth based on her earnings which stand around $22,000 annually as of 2019. Her YouTube channel grosses an annual income of $822 to $3200. Based on these and other available information, Owens’ net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

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More Facts About Candace Owens

1. Candace once Received a $37,500 Court Settlement 

Candace Owens suffered a great deal of racial discrimination while growing up and was severally bullied. As a senior high school student in 2007, she received death threats on phone, an incident that caused her parents to sue the Stamford education board over lack of protection. Following the court’s ruling, the board paid Owens a $37, 500 compensation.

2. Here’s Exactly what Made her Shift Right

Owens did not grow up a conservative, she only became one later in life after a remarkable event a few years back. As earlier hinted, a “reformed” liberal Owens launched Social Autopsy in 2016, an anti-bullying internet database aimed at exposing online trolls and racists. The site, however, received fierce push-back, especially from liberals who opined that it will result in violation of social media users’ privacy rights.

On the contrary, a number of Republicans saw things differently and sympathized with her. This singular event automatically convinced Candace that the Republicans are different from what she was thinking of them. According to Owens, she realized that Democrats were actually the racists and the trolls. It became her “Red Pill moment”, and the result was an overnight shift to conservatism!

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3. How Candace Became Kanye West and Trump’s Favorite

Famous rapper, Kanye West developed a liking for the way Owens reasons and voiced out his feelings in a tweet in April, 2018. They subsequently hosted a joint interview (on Owens’ request) wherein they condemned black people’s mentality of victimization which often causes them to hit the streets when a white commits a crime against a black, but keep mum when its black against black. Following these, the two have been getting on well, sharing a common goal of awakening the black American community.

In addition to West, Owens has got another admirer – President Donald Trump. The US president voiced out his admiration for Candace in a May 9, 2018 tweet wherein he pointed out that the young activist is having a great impact on American politics, classifying her among “an ever-expanding group of smart thinkers”.

4. Owens is anti-Black Lives Matter, “Me Too” Movements

Candace Owens is militantly against Black Lives Matter, the international activist movement that wars against discrimination and violence against blacks. According to Owens, the cause promotes her much-hated and enslaving “victim mentality”, instead of her much-loved and liberating “victor mentality”.

Candace is also an enemy of “Me Too”, the trending movement against sexual harassment of women. For Owens, the “Me Too” thing presents women as weak, foolish, and inconsequential on one hand, and on the other, belittles the agony of real rape victims.  She also criticizes Feminism.

5. All About Blexit

In October 2018, candace Owens launched a new political movement tagged “Blexit”, mimicking the UK’s Brexit. Blexit which she coined from “Black Exit”, calls on the black American community to renounce their allegiance to the Democratic Party.
Now anti-democrat, Candace advocates for the termination of welfare programs in the US on the premise that it discourages hard work and promotes poverty.

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