Candace Owens’ Career Choice Influence, Controversies She Has Courted and All About Her Husband

Candace Owens is an African-American who is known for her conservative political leanings. She works as a commentator and activist and is the CEO of the Red Pill Black YouTube channel, a platform where she voices her political opinions which tally with her right-wing ideologies. As a commentator, she has appeared on a number of news networks, most notably Fox News.

One of Candace’s more popular philosophies is the destroying of the “victim mentality” that is rife in the African American community. Regardless of the racial tensions in America, she sees herself as a victor and denounces the theory of white oppression. Ms. Owens is known to encourage the black community to stand up against the notions of white supremacy and racism, and rather pay attention to the ways they can make their communities better. She has since founded the “Blexit” movement to further push her beliefs. But the truth is that Candace Owens was not always conservative. What changed?

A Dox Attack was the Catalyst For Her Career Choice

In 2015, Candace Owens set up a business website called ‘Degree180’ which provides consultation, planning, and production services. This was after an internship at Vogue New York and working as an administrative assistant for an Equity Enterprise. The website included a blog section where Candace shared her liberal political views which were anti-Republican, and of course, anti-Trump.

The success of Degree180 led to Owens creating another website called SocialAutopsy in 2016. The goal of this website was to collate data on bullies and racists on the internet and expose them by keeping a track of their digital footprints. Reactions to this from both conservatives and liberals were synonymous with people fighting against the existence of such a website. This was achieved by doing to Owens what the website proposed to do to bullies; she was doxxed.

Candace’s reaction to this was to blame the Democrats and liberals for bullying her and run into the arms of the conservative party. Following this, she created the Red Pill Black YouTube Channel in 2017 and started to tout her thoughts on the new faction she had joined. In November of the same year, she became Turning Point USA director of urban engagement.

Following her launch of Red Pill Black, Candace Owens was soon shot to widespread public notice by her vlog which garnered over 80 million views during the August 2017 Charlottesville rally. American rapper Kanye West, who is also a conservative, was one of the public figures who developed a liking for Owens, and in April 2018, he tweeted his admiration for her. They subsequently had a discussion on her YouTube channel where they condemned the perceived victimization of black people which they wore like a badge.

In addition to West, Owens has another admirer – President Donald Trump, a man she derided in the past. The US president when he spoke of Candace in a tweet mentioned that she is a smart thinker with a great impact on American politics.

Owens’ Controversial Take on The Black Lives Movement

When George Floyd was killed by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May of 2020, sparking another round of ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots, Candace Owens called him a thug who was not a martyr nor a hero. Her opinion was met with a lot of resentment from people of many races, including singer Lance Bass who called her a fraud who was being paid to say the wrong things and incite people.

In the same vein, Owens has denounced the Black Lives Movement and has pegged it as promoting the victim mentality that blacks have. These sentiments tally with her Blexit ideologies where she espouses that black people make a mass exodus from the Democratic Party. This will be one of the ways they reclaim their position as a superior race and get rid of the victim mentality that Owens believes is rife amongst African-Americans.

She Believes Coronavirus to be a Hoax

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Candance Owens has declared her distrust of the true nature of the pandemic, stating that the number of dead people has been overstated. She has called the pandemic a ‘scamdemic’, stating that it is a result of liberal paranoia and will not be taking any vaccines created to fight the virus.

More so, the political commentator has undermined the severity of the pandemic and has made numerous statements to this effect. To date, Candace remains adamant that the disease is being used as a manipulative tool and she won’t fall a victim to those behind the scheme.

Candace Owens is Married to an English Man

Candace Owens got married to her English fiance, George Farmer, in 2019. George, who works for a hedge fund, is a graduate of the ivy league university Oxford and is the Chairman of Turning Point. He is also notable as the son of the popular British businessman, Michael Farmer, who is part of the British Parliament as a member of the House of Lords.

Owens and Farmer are reported to have first met in December 2018 at the launch of Turning Point UK. They hit it off instantly and became engaged only three weeks after their initial meeting. However, they kept their dalliance private as they waited until February 2019 to announce their engagement on Instagram.

They would later get married at the Trump Winery in the infamous town of Charlottesville, Virginia on the 31st of August, 2019. Owens has also announced an addition to the family in 2020 with the expectation of their baby but the exact date she will have her baby remains unknown to the public.

Candace Comes From Humble Beginnings Unlike Her Husband

Candace Amber Owens was born on April 29, 1989, in Stamford, Connecticut where she was raised alongside her 3 siblings by her grandparents following her parents’ divorce. Her childhood was characterized by poverty and the struggle for survival.

It is also known that she has been targeted for her race right from her early years. In 2007, while she was a senior in Stamford High School, she received 3 voice messages that were all racist death threats, and the incident caused her parents to sue the Stamford education board over lack of protection.

Following a court’s ruling, the board paid the Owens family a $37,500 compensation fee in 2008. Candance would later successfully graduate from Stamford High and enroll at the University of Rhode Island to get a degree in Journalism. She, however, had a problem with her student loan in her Junior year which made her drop out of the program. She still does not have a degree to this day.


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