An Interesting Look at Candice Crawford’s Marriage to Tony Romo and Her Career Achievements

Candice Crawford is an American beauty queen turned journalist. She emerged as the winner of the Miss Missouri USA pageant in 2008 before taking part in that year’s Miss USA pageant where she managed a top ten finish. She has since worked for CBS among other local news outlets.

That notwithstanding, Candice is undoubtedly most popular for being the wife of former National Football League (NFL) quarterback, Tony Romo, who retired from professional football in 2016 after spending his entire playing career with the Dallas Cowboys. Upon his retirement, Tony has followed in his wife’s path as a sports broadcaster, working for CBS NFL telecasts as a sports analyst.

Candice Crawford Contested in a Number of Beauty Pageants

Born in Lubbock, Texas, on December 16, 1986, Candice Crawford is the younger sister of actor Chace Crawford. Alongside her famous brother, she grew up in Dallas and was a student of Trinity Christian Academy, a conservative non-denominational Christian school in Addison, Texas. She graduated from the school in 2005, but while there, she contested in different beauty pageants.

The first pageant Candice contested in was Miss Texas Teen USA in 2003. The following year, she won Miss Dallas Teen USA and again contested in the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant in 2005 where she was only able to manage a 3rd runner up position.

Moving forward, the beauty queen continued her education at the University of Missouri in Columbia where she spent four years studying broadcast journalism. During this time, she was also a certified personal trainer and made side income working as one.

Before graduating in 2009, Candice Crawford participated in the Miss Missouri USA contest which she won, giving her an automatic ticket to take part in the Miss USA pageant. Even though she did not win the nationwide contest, she finished in the top ten, bringing her beauty pageantry career to an end. Her hometown newspaper, Dallas Observer, meanwhile named her in its list of the Top 10 Hottest TV Women in Dallas.

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She Moved on to Have a Short Career as a Sports Journalist

While in the university, Candice Crawford worked as a sports reporter and anchor at a local station known as KOMU-TV. She also spent two summers interning with the Dallas Cowboys, reporting for the team on their CBS segment The Blitz.

After then, Candice moved over to another local TV network, CW33, where she covered high school sports competitions, festivals, and events. She also had her own segment called Up All Night where she dished out advice to night-lifers on the best spots to party around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Perhaps the highest point of Candice Crawford’s career was co-hosting CW33’s The RC Project. She also hosted the weekend sports show, Special Edition, which covered the Dallas Cowboys. Sadly, Candice never rose to the pinnacle of sports journalism as she left her role after Tony Romo proposed to her. She has, however, recently made an appearance in a broadcasting capacity.

In 2016, she was one of the judges for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ auditions. Candice featured alongside other judges on the show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, which aired on CMT.

Candice Has Been Able to Launch Her Own Business

Candice Crawford is now an entrepreneur. She co-owns the company Hawk + Sloane with Hollie Siglin, a longtime friend from middle school. The company’s name is a combination of the first names of the co-owners’ first children. They went with the name in tribute to the fact they had the same due date for their respective pregnancies.

Hawk + Sloane creates and sells essential oil spray for parents and children. The oil spray helps with sleeping, soothing, and eliminating odor from closed spaces.

Exploring Candice Crawford’s Marriage to Tony Romo and How She Makes It Work

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Candice Crawford met her future husband in 2009 while she was working for CW33. At the time, she was a rising sports journalist who worked as an intern and still lived with her parents. Her beauty and knowledge about the sport Tony Romo played were said to have impressed him during a locker room interview and so he asked her out.

Tony was a perfect gentleman. Like a man out of a romance novel, he made plans to pick her up at her house, a move that not only impressed Candice but also startled her because her parents were huge Dallas Cowboys fans and could have possibly embarrassed her.

In a story cutely told by her brother Chace, Candice told her parents to hide when Romo turned up in front of the house. According to him, their parents were hiding in the master bathroom while the superstar picked up their daughter.

The two officially began their relationship in 2009 and two years after, they became husband and wife. Tony proposed to her with an 8-carat yellow diamond ring on the day she turned 24, December 16, 2010. Their wedding followed on May 28, 2011, with a Dallas Cowboys-themed reception attended by several members of the team, both former and present.

The couple have gone on to have three sons; Hawkins, Rivers, and Jones, who were born in 2012, 2014, and 2017 respectively. Tony has made public of his interest in having a daughter, however, he acknowledges the final decision belongs to his wife. As of now, it appears the couple are done having children.

How Candice Balances Her Roles as a Wife, Businesswoman, and Mother

Like a lot of women today, Candice Crawford is not content sitting in her home being a homemaker. She has worked as a journalist and has now transitioned to being a businesswoman. Between her roles as a mother and wife, it is a lot.

At the moment, given her public silence on the subject, we are not sure of the exact mechanisms that Candice uses to achieve balance in her respective roles. However, if she is like every other woman in a similar position, she has had a lot of help. No longer needed to train all day, Tony has been a supportive father and husband when it comes to the children and her business needs.

Additionally, thanks to the couple’s wealth, estimated at $80 million, Candice can afford a nanny who takes some of the domestic duties off her hands.

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