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Candice Pool is your quintessential 21st-century woman. She is not just the wife of legendary YouTube filmmaker, Casey Neistat, but is also the mother of two vibrant kids. Additionally, she is an award-winning jewellery designer and the founder of two hugely successful companies. Pool has successfully juggled the roles of mom, wife, and businesswoman, and is taking on new challenges. Want to know more about this incredible lady? Then we have got all the necessary facts right here.

Candice Pool’s Biography

Candice Pool Neistat was born on the 19th of October 1977 in Cape Town, South Africa. Pool has not disclosed specific details about her family background. It is however known that she has a sister and that her father is a medical doctor. Pool spent the first year of her life in South Africa before her dad landed a job with a Texas hospital. The whole family, therefore, relocated to Texas which is where she completed her education. On obtaining her college degree, Pool immediately headed out to New York at the age of 22. In the Big Apple, she worked a variety of odd jobs, including waiting tables and office receptionist, in order to make ends meet.


Candice Pool is an award-winning jewellery designer as well as the founder of the two successful companies. Pool first exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit when she was quite young. As a child, she sold lemonade on jogging paths and by middle school, was selling plastic earrings which she made by herself.

While working in New York in 2004, Pool decided to explore her love for jewellery. She borrowed a small amount of money, and she and her partner used it to create an independent and delicate fine jewellery line known as Finn. They arranged a meeting with Barneys but the departmental store turned them down. Pool later got a breakthrough when a friend of hers gave her free ads in Elle Magazine.

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Finn was soon after picked up by Barney’s and the rest is history. The line now carries earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and engagement rings, and has won several awards including the People’s Choice Award for engagement ring.

What is Candice Pool’s Net Worth?

Candice Pool has a net worth of $1.5 million and this stems from her several ventures. Asides Finn, Pool also has a casual clothing line known as Love Billy!. Love Billy! Focuses on unisex apparel and accessories which are simple and effortless. They range from t-shirts, necklaces, tote bags to moleskin notebooks.

Pool was inspired to start Love Billy! due to her own personal experience. With the arrival of her kids, she often lacked time to groom herself. She also found herself wearing her husband’s old sweater as well as jeans and chapstick. It was then that she decided to build a brand which would cater to people who have found themselves in similar shoes. Pool’s experiment seems to have worked as Love Billy! now boasts of an international audience with customers in over 72 countries.

Husband and Kids

Candice Pool
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Candice Pool is happily married to renowned YouTube filmmaker, Casey Neistat. The couple has a love story which can rival that of a Hollywood script. Pool first met her husband back in 2005. They immediately fell in love and got married after just a month of dating. The couple soon ran into troubled waters and annulled the marriage after just a month.

During the next six years, the pair dated on and off and broke up a total of six times. The predestined couple reconnected for good in 2011 and tied the knot in South Africa in 2013. Pool and her husband have since enjoyed a blissful union, albeit with a few challenges. For instance, Pool initially found it hard coping with her husband’s vlogging career. These vlogs required him to constantly record everything, including private family time, and Pool found it intrusive. The couple, however, solved their problem by reaching a mutual agreement on when the camera should be whipped out.

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Meanwhile, Pool and her husband have two daughters together namely Frankie (born in December 2014) and Georgie (born in October 2018). Pool’s husband also has a teenage son, named Owen, from a previous relationship.

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Other Facts About Candice Pool

– Her jewellery has been worn by celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen and Taylor Swift.

– She and her husband co-host a podcast known as Couple’s Therapy. The podcast focuses on the ups and downs of marriage, parenting etc.

– She previously worked as a bartender at famed NYC restaurant, The Park.

– Pool was nominated for the CFDA/Vogue fashion fund award in 2011.

– She and her husband own two exquisite homes; a $3.3 million house in Venice and a $3.5 million condo in Riverside, New York City.

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