Exploring Candice Pool’s World as Casey Neistat’s Wife and Her Successful Businesses

A quintessential 21st-century woman, Candice Pool is not just the wife of prominent YouTube filmmaker, Casey Neistat, but is also the mother of two vibrant kids. Whilst dealing with the peculiarities of having her marriage and family life under the intrusive and consuming glare of the YouTube spotlight, Pool has also found time to fashion out two highly-successful businesses.

One is an award-winning jewelry line that caters to people with fine tastes and a limited budget while the other is a lifestyle brand that is tailored-made for everyday women just like herself. Both companies have proved to be hugely successful with Pool expertly navigating the roles of mom, wife, and businesswoman, and looking forward to new challenges.

How Candice Pool And Her Husband Got Married, Divorced, And Eventually Found Their Way Back To Each Other

Candice Pool is happily married to renowned YouTube filmmaker, Casey Neistat, and they have a love story that can rival that of a Hollywood script. The two love birds first met each other back in 2005. They immediately fell for each other and got married after just a month of dating. They later ran into troubled waters and annulled the marriage after just a month.

Pool and her ex were apart and miserable for about two to three years before she took the bull by the horn and made a video about their relationship which she sent off to Casey. This set the stage for their reconciliation which became reality in 2008. The predestined couple dated for about five years before Casey got down on one knee and popped the big question on a bridge in the Dutch city of Amsterdam on the 18th day of February 2013, and Pool said yes.

The couple later tied the knot in South Africa in 2016. For the ceremony, Candice Pool choose a white Reem Acra dress with a structured bodice, tulle A-line skirt, and light beading. Her groom looked casual but dashing in white slacks and shirt. The couple exchanged their vows during a beach ceremony that was witnessed by their loved ones. Their reception featured several assorted dishes such as Peri Peri chicken, seafood platters, and crayfish. Their first dance as a couple was to the song Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells.

The Couple And Their Kids Make Their Home In A Swanky Los Angeles Mansion

Candice Pool and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters – Frankie who was born in December 2014, and Georgie who was born in October 2018. Casey also has a teenage son, named Owen, from a previous relationship. The couple also owns two exquisite homes – a $3.3 million house in Venice and a $3.5 million condo in Riverside, New York City. The family previously had their primary residence in their New York City condo but in 2018, they decided to relocate to L.A. and hired an interior designer, Daun Curry, to turn it into their dream home.

The four-bedroom home features a laid-back style with vibrant colors such as the bubble-gum pink entryway and the blue and white furniture in the living room. There are also several amenities including a swimming pool as well as a playroom for the kids. Speaking of kids, Candice would be the first one to tell you that she is not the best mom in the world. This does not mean that she neglects her kids though. It only means that she takes care of the behind-the-scenes task, such as doctor’s appointments and school stuff, but doesn’t really have much time to play around with the kids.

This task then falls to her husband who makes time to indulge the kids in leisurely-activities such as late-night bike rides and more.

They Also Co-host ‘The Couples Therapy’ Podcast

Candice Pool and her husband are truly living an enviable life but this does not mean that all is rosy in their marriage. Just like any other couple, the pair have had their fair share of challenges, both common and peculiar. One of these peculiar ones, for instance, is Casey’s vlogging career. Since the internet is desperate for intimate and authentic stories, the vlogger is constantly armed with a camera and everything at home is fair game.

This includes his wife rising up from the bed for the day, leisurely Sunday mornings at home, family outings, and even trips to the grocery store. He then dedicates a large amount of time to editing before repeating the cycle all over again. Such intrusiveness, as well as the obsession with his blog, made Candice quite upset and frustrated with her husband, leading to a huge fight. After letting out all the steam, they sat down together and decided to communicate better. They also reached an agreement on when Casey can film. Such a timely compromise helped to salvage their union but they are not resting on their oars.

They still try to keep up with their promise of better communication and one of the ways through which they are doing this is their podcast, Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey. The weekly podcast features the couple having a candid discussion about their marriage, friendship, and parenting whilst living in the YouTube spotlight. The podcast has attracted numerous listeners since its launch and some have credited it with saving their marriage. Candice has also revealed that the podcast is equally therapeutic for their own marriage as it offers them a chance to discuss for one straight hour without any distractions.

Candice Pool Is The Co-Founder Of The Award-Winning Jewelry Line – Finn

Candice Pool has achieved impressive success as an entrepreneur but this does not come as a surprise to those who knew her from her early days. She first exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit when she was quite young. As a child, Pool sold lemonade on jogging paths and by middle school, was selling plastic earrings which she made by herself.

While working in New York in 2004, Pool decided to explore her love for jewelry. With a small borrowed amount of money, she and her partner used it to create an independent and delicate fine jewelry line known as Finn. They arranged a meeting with Barneys but the departmental store turned them down. They later got a breakthrough when a friend of Pool’s gave them free ad space in Elle Magazine.

Finn was soon after picked up by Barney’s and the rest is history. The line now carries earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and engagement rings, and has won several awards including the People’s Choice Award for Engagement Ring. It has also been patronized by celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift, and Naomi Watts.

Her Lifestyle Brand, Love Billy!, Was Inspired by Her Personal Struggles

Asides from Finn, Candice Pool also has a casual clothing line known as Love Billy! which focuses on unisex apparel and accessories which are simple and effortless. They range from t-shirts, necklaces, tote bags to moleskin notebooks.

Pool was inspired to start Love Billy! due to her own personal experience. With the arrival of her kids, she often lacked time to groom herself. She, therefore, found herself wearing her husband’s old sweater as well as jeans and chapstick. It was then that she decided to build a brand that would cater to people who have found themselves in similar shoes. Pool’s experiment seems to have worked as Love Billy! now boasts of customers in over 72 countries. They also generated $100,000 worth of orders within its first month.

The Designer Has Been Able To Build Up A Net Worth Of $2 Million Largely Through Her Own Efforts 

Candice Pool has been able to build up a fortune estimated at $2 Million. This primarily comes from her two businesses which share office space in Manhattan. As earlier stated, Love Billy! generated sales of up to $100,000 in its first month alone while Finn has been patronized by celebrities, thus leading to handsome revenue for both companies. Such a level of success achieved by the designer has astounded many and they have taken to theorizing on the factors that may have contributed to it.

Some have attributed it to her husband’s YouTube fame but the truth remains that while it may have played a tiny part, it is not the real reason for her success. Pool has never been known to overly depend on her man; he has not featured in any PR campaigns for her brands or done online ads for the company. There is also the added fact that her first enterprise, Finn, took off in the late 2000s, the same time that her husband’s career was taking off as well.

It, therefore, stands to reason that her wealth is largely down to her own efforts. One of these efforts, according to Forbes, is Pool’s unconventional approach to direct-to-consumer retail marketing. This includes honest and sincere ad strategies primarily featuring her on Instagram. There is also limited product runs, and personalized touches that customers always love.


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