Candy Stevens – Bio, Kids, Family, Facts About Charles Manson’s Wife

Although he passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 19, 2017, the renowned murderer Charles Manson got the kind of death many of his victims could only wish for. Judging from his morbid profile, it’ll be hard to imagine such personality ever had a wife. But surprises happen. Charles Milles Manson had two known women and tens more in his life. One of those is Candy Stevens, who married Manson back in the 1950s but she eventually backed out in 1963. Though long disassociated from Manson, history never fails to bring up Charles Manson’s name when Candy Stevens gets mentioned. Let’s tell you more about the real Candy Steven’s you never knew.

Candy Stevens’ Bio

Candy Stevens was born Leona Rae Stevens in the United States. There are no known details about her childhood, early education, siblings, parents or what they did for a living. We’re also not privy to information about her date and city of birth or where she spent the most part of her childhood, what we know however is Candy Stevens was a hooker and in one of her hook-ups, she met her would-be husband; Manson.

From her profile, we can make a number of near-perfect assumptions about her. Some young ladies her age resorted to prostitution due to societal pressure and the need to earn a living. If patterns are anything to go by, these girls often come from dysfunctional or broken homes where parents are at loggerheads. More so, it’s likely they were raised by a single parent; most likely a single mother. Owing to poverty and lack, girls like Candy Stevens had “no choice” than seeking survival by any means.

Candy Stevens was thrust into the spotlight when she began dating Charles Manson. At the time, she hardly knew her prince charming was also a notorious criminal and would often defend him whenever he was accused of wrongdoing. By the time they first met, Manson had been in and out of prison severally and was on the verge of serving a 10-year sentence in prison. His crime? An attempt to cash a United States Treasury check. But Candy Stevens quickly intervened and intreated the court.

According to sources, her plea was hinged on the singular fact that they were both madly in love with each other and she needed him by her side at the time. In a 1959 American courtroom, this was enough to win the judge’s sympathy and get a court ruling in your favor, not today. Manson was released and in the same year, the lovebirds tied the knot.

However, barely two years down the line, things went downhill as Manson became more and more savage, obstinate and wild. As such, their marriage not could bear the weight of his misconducts. Via a court ruling, their union was annulled in 1963. The same year, Stevens gave birth to their son. Not too long after they parted ways, Manson became the leader of a cult group. Under his leadership, the group began to perpetrate heinous crimes in US neighborhoods.

Things reached a tipping point when the killings hit the national airwaves. He was eventually tried and issued a life sentence. Luckily for Candy Stevens and her young son, she had moved on with her life, and that meant going undercover, thus it’s no surprise that there are n details publicly available of her current whereabouts. Perhaps being recognized as an ex-wife of the notorious Charles Milles Manson was too much stigma to bear.

Candy Stevens’ Kids and Family

Although their marriage didn’t last for too long, it lasted long enough to have a child; Charles Luther Mason. There are no details of any prior relationship she may have had with any man before Mason.

Other Facts About Charles Manson’s Wife

1. Is She Dead or Alive?

Although it is unclear whether or not Candy Steven still lives, nothing has come to light about her death either. Her former husband, Charles Manson, died in November 2017.  Sources say she tries to stay away from the public as much as she can.

2. Did She Remarry?

Well, asides her marriage to Manson, Stevens isn’t known, at least publicly, to have been in any other marriage. However, her ex-husband moved on and got engaged to Afton Burton. She was 26 at the time of the engagement, regardless, the marriage never came through as Manson died before the due date.

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3. Physical Features

Though her height and weight measurement have never made it to the media light, it is known that Candy Stevens has dark-brown hair and eyes.

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