Cape Verde A ‘Model of African Democracy’ As Fonseca Wins

The president of Cape Verde has been congratulated by the United States for the conduction of a successful and peaceful election.

The US State department released a statement where it was mentioned that the just-concluded election shows the archipelago to be a model democracy for Africa.

‘‘These successful elections reaffirm Cabo Verde’s standing as a model of democratic values and processes in Africa,’‘ the statement read.

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The statement also concluded:

‘‘The United States looks forward to continue working with the government and the people of Cabo Verde in support of Cabo Verde’s prosperity through good governance, improved health and access to energy, as well as in the fight against common threats, including transnational crime and terrorism.”

Cape Verde’s President Jorge Carlos Fonseca won the election with over 70% of votes. Fonseca was the prime candidate for the Movement for Democracy party, and he defeated Albertino Graca and Joquim Monteiro to extend his five-year rule into his second term.

Graca and Monteiro were not affiliated with any political party, as both ran as independent candidates. Monteiro a primary player in Cape Verde’s liberation from Portugal took 22.6 while Garca a university rector took 3.4 percent.


Jorge Fonseca is the fourth president of Cape Verde, he was first elected in 2011 with about 54 percent of votes. The recent election saw the 66-year-old win the votes in all 9 islands of the western African country.

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Cape Verde has oftentimes been described as one of Africa’s most stable democracies, considering the vast number of failed democracies in the continent.

“I always thought I could win this election but I know that in a democracy there are no advance victories. I will continue to be a president for everyone no matter who they are,” Fonseca said in a Facebook post.