CaptainSparklez Bio – Net Worth, House and Cars of The Famous YouTuber

Sometimes, what society wants from its citizens is quite different from what the citizens want for themselves. This is evident in the life and career of video blogger and American YouTube personality, Jordan Maron famous for his YouTube channel CaptainSparklez.

He dropped out of school after discovering his talent in playing an online game called Minecraft. His expertise in developing the games propelled him into creating his content and channel called CaptainSparklez in July 2010 and as at December 2018, the channel has racked up an alarming 10 million plus loyal subscribers with over 3.2 billion views.

The success of his first channel and need to diversify led CaptainSparklez (real name: Jordan Maron) into creating other 6 channels serving different needs like the CaptainSparklez2 (548k), Jordan Maron (358k), Maron Music (172k), Fortnite Cinema (269k), Jordan React (174k), and Jordan Games (20k) which currently are not doing too badly although they are not as popular as his first channel.

This singular talent has bequeathed to him with a tangible amount of money over the years. One could not have thought that a game such as (Minecraft) would have given so much based on its unattractive graphic nature or its brick-styled nature but with his dedication, he made it a big thing which as in turn paid off big time for him. Read on to learn more about his bio, his estimated net worth, house, and cars among other information.

CaptainSparklez Bio

CaptainSparklez aka Jordan Maron was born on the 10th day of February 1992 in the City of Angels, California, United States. Although the gamer identifies as a citizen of the United States and as a Christian, his mother during a question and answer segment claimed to be Jewish and that CaptainSparklez was raised alongside Jewish traditions and customs. Details about his parents and siblings are not known as he has kept them personal and has revealed nothing to the public.

Added to his story, he relocated with his mum at the age of 4 to Santa Barbara where he attended high school and later on went to the University of California where he studied Chemical Engineering. However, the overpowering interest in the games finally won over his academic pursuit and he eventually quit school to focus on his passion which has so far paid off for him.

Jordan Maron made YouTube a full-time job for himself in 2011, after he created various channels and uploaded a video of himself playing his favorite game (Minecraft) and alongside with his composed tunes or other artiste tunes in the videos. This made his video unique and led to an influx of subscribers to his channel tremendously. His first created channel was tagged ‘ProsDONTtakeshit’, where he uploaded videos of Call of Duty, which attracted millions of subscribers to his channel.

His videos became so popular that he decided to create a main channel for himself with a friendlier name that could attract both children and teens and so ‘CaptainSparklez’  was born and with its birth, the ‘ProsDONTtotakeshit’ channel was left untouched for a long period of time. CaptainSparklez got the recognition that made him create a free game named Fortress Fury where tutorial of the games was discussed, and of course, the move attracted lots of commentators and increased his subscriber base.

Open to letting in the world into his creativity and ingenuity, he created other YouTube channels to serve various purposes such as Maron Music; where he released his own originally produced music or promoted other artists songs, among others. Moreso, in an attempt to create a mobile gaming company, he collaborated with the Howard Marks (who is the co-founder of Activision and Acclaim Games) and they invented XREAL Games which is a game developer.

He is quite famous on social media platforms like Twitter with over 4.59 million followers and on Instagram with about 883k followers. Indeed, his influence and reach is wide mainly compromising of younger people.

Net Worth, House and Cars

CaptainSparklez aka Jordan Maron has over 6 YouTube Channels’ and his net worth is estimated at about $15 million. Due to his heavy subscriber base, CaptainSparklez makes his money through YouTube adverts revenue, various subscriptions on his channels and sales of merchandise that is selling stuff like tee-shirts, baseball hats, hoodies, and so on.

4 GT Ford Sports Car Image Source

His interest in video games got him a big house recently, which is a three-storey building that can only be assessed from the top to the bottom, with a big pool in the compound and a resting pavement around the pool. The building has a furnished living room with nice artworks on its wall, a simple bathroom and a view of Los Angeles City both from the living room and the pool area which is on the ground floor. His house was worth about $4.5 million as at the time he purchased it.

Besides, he has a high taste in exotic cars. CaptainSparklez owns C63VA with 4 doors, 5003 horsepower, McLaren 2016 675LT model, a Toyota Corolla which runs 20m/h with Orange interior, a Prius, and he recently acquired yet another a blue Miami painted sports car – 4 GT Ford car. The beautiful car took about 3 years from the day of order to be made and assembled specifically for CaptainSparklez.

Height and Weight

CaptainSparklez is a not-so-tall dude with his height measured at 5 feet and 7 inches (1.72 m) while his weight is about 57 kg (125.7 lb). His eye color is black and hair color is blonde. His birth sign is Aquarius. and his best game remains Minecraft.


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