Popular British Model, Cara Delevigne Visits South Sudan Refugees In Uganda

Popular British model, Cara Delevigne was in Uganda for a week on a trip that was organised in partnership with Girl Up and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

The trip was aimed at learning more about what the UNHCR is doing to respond to the refugee crisis and help provide education for refugee girls.

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“Girls forced out of their homes, girls who just want an education, girls who worry about being pressured to marry before they even hit puberty.”

Cara’s trip which lasted for a week saw the top model visit the different refugee entry points in northern Uganda, where a border is shared with South Sudan. They also walked on the bridge where about 460,000 refugees have walked on entry into Uganda in the past six months.

“At Bidibidi refugee settlement, I got to sit with a class of girls who shared their stories of fleeing home in South Sudan and talked openly about what they need to continue attending school.

“There was one girl, she had this incredible fire, and this very strong voice when she said, “It’s very simple. This is what we need: We need books. We need uniforms.”

“That’s when it hit me. What they need seems so easy, so small to us, but it’s so important to them. It makes you feel spoiled because all they want is an education, and that’s something so many of us take for granted,” Cara Delevigne said to Marie Claire.

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South Sudan which gained independence from Sudan in 2011 has become a war zone since the former deputy President, Riek Machar was accused by President Salva Kiir of plotting a coup in 2013. Although he denied it, it led to a conflict which consequently escalated.

The conflict has led to over ten thousand being killed and about three million people have also been displaced.

Featured image: Marie Claire