A Walk Through Cardi B’s Early Life Struggles, Marriage to Offset and Motherhood

A highly ambitious star, Cardi B broke barriers from her humble beginnings to become an unstoppable force in the music industry, a top chart climber, and an inspiration to many women. From her teenage hustle as a cashier to becoming a Manhattan exotic dancer and then starring on reality TV, Cardi B has risen to stake her claim as one of the most prominent female artists in the industry.

The Grammy Award-winning artist has proved over the years that it’s not where you come from that defines you but what you stand for as her rough upbringing actually brought out her potentials.

She is Proud Of Her South Bronx Roots

The Bronx native was born on October 11, 1992, as Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar which is a Spanish translation of Arabic words. Cardi B was born to a mother from Trinidad and a father from the Dominican Republic. She was raised in Highbridge, South Bronx, a neighbourhood mostly dominated by Latinos, the rapper of Caribbean heritage had influences from her multicultural environment.

Most of her formative years were spent shuttling between the Bronx and Washington Heights. Cardi B had humble beginnings as her father worked as a cabman and her mother a cashier. Her parents who struggled to make ends meet eventually separated in her pre-teen years, which made the rapper grow up partly with her extended family and had to learn self-independence.

The award-winning rapper has only one sibling, her little sister, Hennessy Carolina who is also a star in her own right. The sisters have toed similar paths as they have both been featured in VH1’s reality show, Love and Hip Hop and are also internet celebrities. Hennessy is an Instagram sensation with a huge fan base and besides being a social media star, she is also a proud member of the LGBT community. She recently revealed that she is bisexual. She has a girlfriend, Michelle, popularly known as Mel whom she’s been dating for a while. However, it remains uncertain if the couple has secretly tied the knot given that they refer to each other as ‘wife’.

Origin Of Her Stage Name Cardi B

It’s interesting to know that Cardi B’s sister was actually named after the spirit, Hennessy. On the day the social media star was born, her father whose favourite spirit is Hennessy had been drinking at a party from where he proceeded to the delivery room. Overwhelmed with emotions after his daughter’s birth, he suggested to his wife that their new baby girl should be named after the brand of spirit.

In fact, not many are aware that Cardi B’s nickname “Barcardi” was influenced by her sister’s name. Given that her sister’s name is Hennessy, her parents and folks originally nicknamed the rapper after the rum, Barcardi which she eventually revamped and shortened to Cardi B.

How Initial Challenges Pushed Her To Become A Stripper

Cardi B learned to be self-confident and began making money from an early age. The rapper first worked as a cashier but after being fired from the job, she decided to explore a different career path by working as a stripper at Manhattan local strip clubs. The stripper-turned-rapper was at that time in an abusive relationship had hoped that she could make her own money through stripping and eventually escape her abusive boyfriend’s house.

Her decision surely paid off well in the long run as she was able to make enough money to become financially independent to not just live on her own but also invest in her music career. Her stint as a stripper was brief as it lasted for five years.

Stripping Paid For Her Music Career And Gave Her The Needed Charisma To Pursue It

It was while she was still working as a stripper that Cardi B’s charisma gained her fame online. She was first thrown to the limelight through social media where she gained notoriety on Vine and Instagram. The rapper was surprised when she discovered that she had gradually built a large community of fans for herself. A good number of her social media fans consider her to be one of the most transparent and flawless A-listers of her time.

From 2015 to 2017, she joined the cast of VH1’s reality show, Love & Hip Hop: New York which was the biggest opportunity she had to launch her music career. Cardi hereby leveraged on her popularity via the show to step out and chase her career. Thankfully, her music dreams began taking physical form shortly after making the life-changing decision.

Cardi B Married Rapper Offset In A Secret Wedding

Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and spouse Offset – Image Source

As of 2017, Cardi B began dating the popular American rapper Offset, who is known as a member of the hip hop band, Migos. She revealed that beyond being his partner, he also inspired her as a rapper, seeing how hard he works to get to where he is in his career. The pair got officially engaged on 27th October 2017 when Offset popped the question at the renowned Wells Fargo Center located in Philadelphia. The pair were attending the Power 99 Powerhouse event and to the delight of all present, Cardi said yes!

Well, when it comes to celebrity couples, nothing is off-limits as they definitely know how to make a headline. With Cardi B and Offsets case, it was later revealed that they had gotten hitched in a secret wedding held a month before he actually proposed in public. This secret wedding ceremony was held in the couple’s bedroom. The news was later confirmed when TMZ got hold of their marriage license on 7th April 2018 and it revealed they had married in September 2017.

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Motherhood Changed The Rapper’s Perspective Of Life

Cardi B and her husband welcomed their first child, Kulture Kairi Cephus in July 2018 and the pair were very thrilled to be new parents as they announced the arrival of their little one. However, things became a bit complicated in their relationship when the news broke that Offset was involved in a cheating scandal just a few months later.

The alleged cheating incident happened a couple of months before Cardi had their baby. According to Offset, he held his ground that he did not sleep with the woman but admitted to the fact that he did flirt with her and for that, he apologized to his wife. Cardi B was obviously not going to let him off the hook that easily as she took to her Instagram page in December 2018 to announce she had broken up with her husband, claiming that they had grown out of love.

A few months later though, the couple was sighted at the Grammys held in February 2019 and they walked the red carpet together. Cardi later revealed that they were trying to work things out at least for the sake of their daughter who is their priority. They have been together to date and seem to be having quite a swirl time in their rekindled love for each other.

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