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Fox News Network newscaster, Carley Shimkus has gained much popularity as a result of the successful career she has managed to build over the years. Since joining Fox News in 2009, the hardworking reporter has done some works as a TV correspondent, associate producer and recently, news anchor.

Aside from working as a TV correspondent, Shimkus has also starred on multiple Fox TV shows such as Fox & Friends, First Fox & Friends and Mediabuzz. In addition, the TV figure was the producer of a radio show titled, Imus in the Morning where she also served as the host. The show is quite known for providing updates on the trending activities around the globe. The Fox News Network newscaster has moved on to garner wide attention through her excellent reportage on trendy entertainment news and other global activities.

Read on as we take you on more interesting facts about the TV correspondent’s early life, career achievements and family.

Carley Shimkus Biography

The Fox News correspondent was born in Long Valley, New Jersey, United States of America on 7th November 1986. Her parents are Edward and Zulma Shimkus. Her father was as an entrepreneur while her mother worked as a flight attendant. According to Shimkus revelation on Fox News Insider, her parents got acquainted on a plane which her father boarded and her mother was carrying out her duty as a flight attendant. She has an elder sister, Magot Shimkus who graduated as an art student from the College of New Jersey, based on her social media profile.

The famous journalist completed her higher education from Quinnipiac University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2009. In 2008, the American reporter completed her internship program at Fox News bureau in Washington D.C. and in the same year, she got the privilege of attending a session at George Washington University with the class of 2008.

Fox News Career Achievements

After her graduation from the university in 2009, Shimkus landed a job with Fox News Network as a TV correspondent. Following her enthusiastic work ethics and hard work, the dextrous journalist was given a promotion to work at Fox Business Network as a co-producer in 2012. Having previously worked as co-producer of the radio show, Imus in the Morning, which she also hosted by providing updates on the trending activities, Shimkus went on to display a great level of dexterity on the job.

In addition, the adroit reporter has starred on multiple Fox TV shows such as First Fox & Friends, Mediabuzz and Fox & Friends. She also partly covered the United States electoral process live from Fox Square on 6th November 2016 and there, she had a one-on-one interactive session with the voters.

At a certain time in her career, Carley Shimkus was a target of controversy. She was strongly reprimanded by the fan zone of the series, Star Wars, following the derogatory comments the TV personality made about the disenfranchisement of an episode of the series

Shimkus is currently working as Fox News 24/7 newscaster, offering brilliant reports on the latest happenings around the globe, as well as social media trending news.

Net Worth

Carley Shimkus has obviously gained a good reputation as a talented journalist following her excellent career achievements. She has also earned a good fortune from her bloomy career with her financial value penned at $1 million.

Family Life Of Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus
Carley Shimkus with her husband Peter Buchignani

The well-known TV figure came in contact with her husband Peter Buchignani during her 23rd birthday celebration. A few years down the line, the pair started courting which eventually led to their engagement. The TV correspondent couldn’t keep such melodious information to herself as she publicized her engagement on Imus in the Morning radio program. The love birds went on to seal their union with a nuptial bond on the 8th of August 2015 and they are yet to welcome any child together.

Meanwhile, Shimkus’ husband is a graduate of Princeton University, where he acquired a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. He works as Amherst Pierpont Securities Marketing analyst and has previously been associated with different financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Barclays Capital.

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Her Height

Judging from her physical looks, you will notice that the beautiful reporter is obviously above average height as she is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m) which forms a good look with her body weight of 54 kg (118 lbs).

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