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Video blogging is now on the rise and YouTube is the place where most of it happens. If you are a lady who cares about her looks or a guy who likes to help his woman out with her looks, then one person whose name rings a bell when it comes to giving beauty tips on the internet is Carli Bybel.

The YouTuber has become one the most sought after in the world. The amazingly attractive and gorgeous lady owns two YouTube channels which boast of a following of over 4 million viewers. She also has millions of followers on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. She also has her own blog where she posts the textual version of her tips and tutorials.

Most of Carli’s video tutorials deal with makeup tips, erasing beauty myths, fitness, etc. This lady has gone from a mere blogger to rank amongst present day celebrities. This article is focused on helping you get to know her much better. Read on to learn more about Carli Bybel’s age, ethnicity, net worth and her boyfriend among other information.

Bio of Carli Bybel Age and Ethnicity

Carli Bybel was born on the 17th of October 1990 in the town of Morganville, in New Jersey, United States. She grew up with her elder sister Amanda in a very tumultuous family. Their parents did not get along and got divorced when Carli was still in high school. She is an American of mixed ethnicity and while much is not known about her dad, her mother is probably Latino. Her mother was recently engaged to a tattoo artist but later broke the engagement after he reportedly tattooed her face on his arm.

She recalls staying in a squalid one-room apartment with her family before her parents’ divorce. When her dad’s business became successful, the family moved into a much better apartment and life became more comfortable for the sensational video blogger until her parents broke up and her dad abandoned them for a mistress.

Bybel discovered her passion for beauty and makeup artistry and took a job as a freelance makeup artiste earning $25 on each client in her neighborhood which helped her to pay for her schooling and take care of certain bills at home. Majority of Carli Bybel’s clientele came from her school where she was a cheerleader and helped most of the girls do their makeup. She graduated from high school in 2009 she landed a job with a photography studio but quit not long after because the pay just did not cut it for her.

In 2011, Carli Bybel and her friend, Samantha Morales decided to showcase their skills on YouTube. Sammy was a DJ and Carli Bybel an online tutor on makeup artistry. Her first tutorial upload on YouTube in August 25th, 2011 titled Curl Hair with Straightener was an instant hit and the video as of August 2017 has earned her over 300,000 views. From then on, it has been success all the way for the young Vlogger.

She became a social media influencer when she achieved the 10,000 viewers’ milestone in 2012 and began to reach out to in the areas of inner beauty as well. She started a beauty firm in 2017 called Pravana Beauty and in October 2017, she released her CarliBybelxMissguided video collection

Net Worth

Carli Bybel’s days of scrapping $25 per client are definitely over. The stunning petite beauty guru makes quite a lot from her YouTube videos alone. She revealed to Fox 5 New York her contract with StyleHaul network that bankrolls the ads on her views. As of 2015, she was ranked 5th in the top 20 Beauty and Style channels on YouTube by Adage. A whopping $16,644.60 hits her bank account every month, thanks to her nearly 5 million devoted YouTube subscribers.

Carli Bybel’s Boyfriend

Carli met and dated Brett Caprrioni, who was also a  fitness instructor and YouTuber as well in 2013 but split with him four years later in 2017. Carli confirmed that she and Brett were no longer together but stated no reason for the breakup. She, however, added that they would still be good friends and would continue to work together.

Carli Bybel
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She has been linked to another guy named Badr Ghabi, a real estate expert and model. He was a student of Teccart Institute in Montreal where he studied communication engineering and also acquired a bachelor degree in Information Technology from the University of Quebec, Canada.

Badr is an ardent lover of soccer and fan of the Moroccan soccer team and he speaks the French language fluently. For over six months, pictures of Carli posing with Badr have been seen over the internet. However, recently, things seem to have cooled down between them. We cannot confirm at the moment if they are still together or not.


Carli Bybel has a petite but voluptuous build that is a pear-like shape. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. Her hazel eyes and plump lips are facial features that make her a real stunner.


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