Caroline Boyer – Biography, Age & Family of Luke Bryan Wife

Caroline Boyer and her husband, Luke Bryan are certainly one of the hottest, and at the same time, most long-lasting country couples in town! While Bryan is busy with his career as a popular American country music singer and songwriter, Boyer on her own part is relishing her life as a hardworking and home-keeping wife of her celebrity husband. In addition to this, she has featured in a number of her husband’s music videos including: “Crash My Party”, “Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”.

Married for over a decade now, Caroline and Luke have been through many ups and downs. But the interesting fact is that their troubles don’t break them, rather, it builds them.

Let’s now have a closer look at this woman behind one of the greatest country musicians the world presently boasts.

Caroline Boyer’s Age and Biography

Caroline Boyer was born on 31st December 1979 in Georgia, United States. Growing up, Caroline Boyer was very smart in her academics. After her elementary and high school education, she proceeded to Georgia State University (GSU) for her Bachelor’s Degree.

During Boyer’s days at GSU, she was very active in both curricular and extracurricular activities. She was a member of her school’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority and participated in numerous public presentations. Owing to her stage talents, her tutors had encouraged her to take up an entertainment career but she declined. She instead, furthered her education to the Master’s level.

How She Met and Married Luke Bryan

Caroline was a freshman at Georgia Southern University (GSU), Statesboro when she first met Luke Bryan who was a senior at the same university. That was around the last quarter of 1998. They started dating but soon separated after about a year and some months during the Christmas of Caroline’s second year. It happened that Luke finished from GSU and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start off his country music career while Caroline continued her education in Statesboro. Moreover, Caroline was not interested in marriage then which was the central thing that Luke talked to her about.

However, the pair eventually reunited after about five years and a half years! Boyer had come to Nashville at the same time Bryan was billed to perform at a popular bar in Statesboro. Her brother had informed her about it and she decided to show up at the venue – Dingus Magee’s located on Georgia Avenue. Although she left before the end of his performance, Luke came calling for her in the wee hours of the morning at her brother’s place. Following the encounter, the pair gradually reignited their love for each other and continued their relationship, subsequently tying the knot on December 8, 2006, in Turks & Caicos.

Ahead of their marriage, Luke had proposed to Caroline in the most intriguing way! He had blindfolded her after one of their dinner dates and taken her to the Nashville Parthenon. Caroline who felt he was about showing her a property he told her of earlier on, opened her eyes only to see Luke on one knee! After the wedding, they flew to the Colorado mountains for their honeymoon.

What to Know About Her Family

Caroline Boyer was born to a mother who worked with an insurance company and a father who worked as a social specialist. She also has a brother, Bo Boyer.

Meanwhile, the family Boyer enjoys very much at the moment is the one she shares with her husband, Luke Bryan, and their kids. The couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Thomas Boyer Bryan on 18th March 2008. Their second child, also a boy followed on 11th August 2010. His name is Tatum Christopher Bryan. The two sons are nicknamed Bo and Tate respectively.

In addition to their biological kids, Caroline and Luke are also foster parents to Jordan, Kris, and Tilden – their mum Kelly, Luke’s elder sister died suddenly in May 2007. Her husband, Ben Lee Cheshire also died seven years later (in 2014). Following their father’s tragic demise, Luke and Caroline adopted the orphaned kids. Prior to Kelly’s death, Luke had earlier lost his older brother in an auto crash.

Caroline Boyer and Luke Bryan family
Caroline Boyer and Luke Bryan (left); their kids (right) – from top clockwise: Kris, Tilden, Jordan, Tate and Bo

Caroline has also had a fair share of tragedy in her own family. She lost a seven-month-old niece, Sadie Brett Boyer in 2017 to Down’s Syndrome and heart disease complications. In memory of Sadie, Caroline created “Brett’s Barn” which serves as a shelter for rescue animals. She allows kids with serious illnesses to visit and interact with them as a means to cheer and encourage them. She is also committed to The Brett Boyer Foundation, a charity Sadie’s parents established to live her memory.

The family owns two homes – their Red Bird Farmhouse in Brentwood, Fountain Brooke, Tennessee and a beach home in Florida. They, however, spend most of the time in the former.

Facts About Luke Bryan’s Wife

1. Caroline Boyer was born on the same day with Irish actress and The Paradise star, Elaine Cassidy.

2. She was so charming to Luke that he used to get himself drunk before he would be able to gather enough morale to walk up and talk to her!

3. Caroline eventually initiated her first kiss with Luke. After severally hanging out with her without making any romantic move, Boyer decided to take the bold step! Meanwhile, Caroline who described Bryan as a scared gentleman is not the outgoing type either. Luke was actually the second guy she ever kissed.

4. Boyer had to support her family financially for some years while Bryan worked hard to find his feet in the field of country music.

5. Caroline Boyer stands at a small height of 5 feet 4 inches. She, however, has other beautiful qualities to make up for that – a flawless skin and well-trimmed stature, as well as charming blue eyes and blond hair. She has inked on her marriage finger, her husband’s initial ‘L.’

6. Caroline used to smoke but she is now a vegetarian, enjoying cooking her own meals (and for her family too) and being very careful about healthy living. Her favorite is Italian dishes.

7. Boyer does not engage in any active or full-time career at the moment. She spends her time working hard to keep her husband, kids and home in good shape.

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