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Caroline Caplan whose professional name is Caroline Catz is a UK-based actor and media mogul who gained widespread popularity for enacting the character Louisa Glasson in the English comedy-drama Doc Martin.

The talented actress has worked in TV, theatre, movies, and radio of the British entertainment industry, having been involved with films, stage productions, voice acting, and TV shows. Catz the showbiz beauty has become a household name in the British movie industry. She is definitely one top actress who does not seem to have intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Biography of Caroline Catz 

She was born as Caroline Caplan in Manchester, England in the year 1970. Unfortunately, infomation about her early life is lacking, but it is known that she created her childhood memories in the UK where she spent the early phase of her life. Catz is from the United Kingdom and her race is white.

Sadly, the history of her educational progression is not open to the public thus it is difficult to ascertain the schools she attended. However, there is no doubt judging from her success in life, that she is a smart and wise woman who seems to be well educated.

As a newbie to the entertainment industry, in the early 90s, Caroline Catz started off with on minor roles in movies. Even though she got only minor roles in movies, Caroline Catz portrayed each character she was given to the best of her ability which got her the attention of top movie producers.

Her breakthrough in the industry came when she was selected to play the main characters in the 1992 thriller film The Guilty– a film that tells the story of a well-known lawyer whose personal and professional life was engulfed in trouble after he was accused of rape. She depicted the character of Nicky Lennon in the movie. Moving ahead, she accepted the role of Dawn Lomax who was the main character in the BBC comedy series All Quiet on the Preston Front.

When the investigative TV show The Bill started to air on the ITV network, Caroline Catz assumed a lead character in the person of Rosie Fox in 1998. She played a cop in the subsequent series she appeared in.

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Catz was later selected to play the role of Louisa Glasson in the English hospital comedy show Doc Martin. She appeared in a real-life motion picture production which told the true story of a murder victim Wendy Sewell who she acted as in In Denial of Murder – a BBC One film. She guest starred in one episode of Hotel Babylon and two episodes of Single Handed respectively.

In 2009, she made her radio debut after featuring in BBC’s radio drama Déjà vu, which was centered around a love affair between a woman London and a Paris-based French Algerian man. She was also a cast in the comical TV show I Want My Wife back, where she acted as Bex in 2016.

Facts and Everything You Need To Kno

Net Worth

According to credible sources, Caroline Catz has a net worth of $1.2 Million, she earned this through her career as an actress. We do not know how much she earns on a monthly/yearly bases but we do believe that she earns a decent amount.

Who Is Caroline Catz’s Husband?

Caroline Catz
Caroline Catz with Husband Michael Higgs Image Source

Caroline Catz found love in the hands of fellow actor Michael Higgs, whom she is presently a wife to. The pair officially became man and wife in the presence of their families and friends in 2007. The love birds first set eyes on each other in the 1990s when they were both on the set of the TV show The Bill and have been together ever since. They have two children, a daughter-Honor and son-Sonny.

Michael Higgs is a performing actor birthed in Birmingham, England on Valentine’s day (14th) February 1962. He is famed for his roles in Poirot, and Assassination Games.

Her Last Name Is Not Catz

Catz original surname happens to be Caplan and not Catz, she had to take up the surname Catz when she discovered that someone else was already registered as Caroline Caplan whilst trying to apply to Equity, a British actors association.

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Active Twitter Presence

She is not active on Facebook and Instagram but if you desire to catch a glimpse of her through the internet then your best bet would be Twitter where she has over 3,500 followers. She consistently posts her social activism stance on issues.

Height of The Actress

The slender gorgeous mother of two stands tall at a height of 1. 67m (5 ft 7inches) while her frame is balanced by the weight of 54 kilograms (119lb).

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