Nickelodeon Will Not Air Episodes Of Cartoon Featuring Same Sex Couple In Africa

Nickelodeon has made their own personal history with Loud House after they introduced their first same sex couple in the animated kids show.

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The show centers around the life of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters and goes on to promote some positive values such as the protectiveness of parents towards their children.

In its entirety, it centers around the comedy and chaos of family life in all its forms and is rooted in the creative team’s own experiences from childhood and their observations today as parents themselves.

Same sex marriage

Its stories and characters are all grounded in the realities of many modern families today, as seen from the perspective of the 11-year old main character.

The introduction of the same sex couple theme for some conservative cultures and people had however cast a dark cloud over any other positive attributes of the show.

Nickelodeon has however confirmed that the episodes of Loud House featuring a same sex couple will not air on its channels in sub-Saharan Africa. The company is showing its willingness to pattern shows in accordance with varying traditions and cultures.

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The global brand which entertains audiences around the world is striving to ensure that its content respects the varying traditions and the cultural sensitivity in each market.

Same sex marriage

This will add on to the list of shows about LGBT issues that have been banned or exempted from African viewership.

From Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ where she documented her journey after her gender transition which was banned earlier in the year, to Jazz Jenning’s, ‘I Am Jazz’ which does practically the same thing, Africa seems to be fighting back against any transgender suggestions.

Where some will see this as a moral victory, others will not be too pleased with it. All the same, it seems like Africa is getting out the message that LGBT support still exists only among a minority.