Cassandra Fairbanks Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Known for her political activism, American journalist and social media influencer, Cassandra Fairbanks sent jaws dropping when, she too, went “cold turkey” on her political orientation. Once pro-Bernie Sanders, she soon made a big jump to the other side of US politics when she openly declared her support for the then-Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. In an America where support for the likes of Trump makes even a woman seem like a blowhard misogynist, Cassandra has no problem airing her opinion. Why not? When you’ve written for various high-value networks like Sputnik News, Teen Vogue, Free Thought Project, and Big-League Politics, you no longer have to mind who’s watching.

Her popularity soared back in 2016 when she set off a quest to “Find the Dancing Man.” She also organized and reported on protests for the Black-Lives-Matter movement. And in the wake of President Trump’s quest to build the US-Mexican wall, the conservative writer has continued to front the Build-the-Wall mantra through her social media handles, Facebook especially. This post features five facts you need to know about Cassandra Fairbanks.

Cassandra Fairbanks Biography

Cassandra Fairbanks was born in the United States on March 11, 1985. She spent much of her childhood in Boston, Central Massachusetts. Although information about her parents, siblings and early childhood and education have largely remained elusive, we do know that she once attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to study Physics. However, for reasons we’re yet to know, she dropped out. After attending the Los Angeles Recording School, Fairbanks became a sound engineer for bands in the Warp Tour Vein. But her best was yet to come.

Cassandra would go on to begin her first baby steps in political activism, protesting at SeaWorld and circuses. She resides in Silver Springs, Maryland with her daughter. However, Fairbanks has come out to say just how much she intends to keep such personal details away from the public; stating that she intends to protect her family from what she calls “online trolls and psychopaths.”


Cassandra Fairbanks has always been drawn to politics and the issues around it. In her interviews, she has narrated how, in second grade, her class had a mock election and she was so absorbed in it. This interest will later lead to the establishment of her career as a journalist and a political activist.

Her work as a political activist has taken her along dangerous lines. Back in 2013, in the wake of the massive leak of classified documents to WikiLeaks by former US Army intelligence analyst, Chelsea Manning, Fairbanks quickly opened a Twitter account to follow-up with the news at the time. For close to a year, her work as a writer for the Free Thought Project centered on police brutality. As her career evolved, Fairbanks soon began to embrace the power of social media recognizing how far it could take her fledgling career. As a result, her Twitter account became her major base online.

Although she’s been active for years, Fairbanks’ popularity went over the roof when she kicked-off a campaign, “Find the dancing man.” It all began after pictures of an obese man, Sean O’Brien, was posted online and sparked a series of body-shaming comment online. Cassandra Fairbanks soon kicked off the campaign to search for the dancing man. The campaign went viral and within 24 hours Sean O’Brien was found. Sean O’Brien was hosted to a party and was also featured on the Today show. The campaign added 30,000 followers to Fairbanks’ Twitter profile.

Cassandra Fairbanks.
Cassandra Fairbanks On stage with Sean O’Brien (a.k.a the dancing man)

5 Facts You Need to About Cassandra Fairbanks

1. Net Worth

Fairbanks’ extensive writing career has not only brought her fame, but it’s also earned a fair fortune. She earns an average salary of $72, 000 per annum. Although her exact net worth is not known, it is quite obvious that Fairbanks is doing very well for herself.

2. Her Husband, Family

While she hasn’t come out plain about her relationship status, we know about her highly suggestive tweet in which she tagged John Lancy. There were rumors that she was married to Julian Assange, but she soon debunked the claim. Nevertheless, she has a daughter she christened Rory.

3. She’s a Walking Canvas of Tattoos

If you meet Cassandra Fairbanks for the first time, one thing that wouldn’t escape your observation is her incredible array of body art; Tattoos. Fairbanks draws so much of her inspiration from street art. In a 2018 tweet, she confessed that most of her tattoos are based on actual graffiti.

4. Dog Lover

Fairbanks not only love dogs; her kind of dogs is what fascinates her fans. As of this writing, Fairbanks has a Pomeranian dog that cost between $600 and $1500.

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5. On-Screen Appearance

Asides social media, Fairbanks have appeared on several TV documentary series. Some of which include the BBC’s Panorama (2016); Black and Blue (2016), a one-off documentary about police brutality in Los Angeles and the first and most famous of all, Dancing Man – the Documentary. The documentary aired in 2015 and was based on the Twitter anti-bullying campaign to have Sean O’Brien, the Dancing Man; flown to a party in Los Angeles.


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