Cassidy Black – Bio, Kids, Family, Facts About Dierks Bentley’s Wife

A talented husband, a close-knit family and a romance for the ages, this has all the makings of a great story. Cassidy Black may have come into the spotlight thanks to her successful husband, but she has remained a sweetheart on her own merit. She may be widely known as Dierks Bentley’s wife, but there is a lot more than meets the eye about his sweetheart. Here is a sneak peek into the life of the woman after Dierks’ heart.

Cassidy Black’s Bio

Cassidy Black has done a great job keeping her private life out of the limelight. It is apparent that this is no easy feat when the person in question is affiliated with a big star. Based on this fact, it is no surprise that there is not that much information out there regarding her childhood and upbringing. Apart from the fact that she was born on January 8, 1975, there is no other information out there that depicts her childhood.

Nevertheless, the way she ended up with her husband is a love story worth telling. She actually met the star when they were in middle school back in Phoenix, Arizona. Sometimes, people have the most unconventional way of getting together and this is one of those cases. They did not run in the same circle until Dierk started dating her best friend. Soon after that, Cassidy Black and her then-husband to be started dating on and off. The pattern continued even after middle school up until 2005 when she visited him out on the road in Las Vegas. Apparently, she walked onto his bus and right into a permanent spot in his heart.

Ten months later, he proposed and they eloped to Mexico immediately. Their love has only waxed strong since then, as aforementioned, theirs was a love story for the ages.

Family & Kids

One thing that is obvious about Cassidy Black is the fact that she is all about her family. Apart from her husband who is already quite well-known, she has three kids. The couple is blessed with two boys and a girl and their names are Knox, Evie, and Jordan. Family life tends to take a toll on couples in the limelight, but these two have learned how to navigate through the maze of family, career and the spotlight. Before he was married, her husband could not understand how married men on tour could hardly wait to get home to their families. But now, he has joined the bandwagon, thanks to how amazing Cassidy and the kids have been.

Speaking of their home, there is something quite unconventional about the actual structure of the edifice. Cassidy Black refers to it as “a slice of pie”, because it is practically shaped like a triangle. Her husband equally refers to it as a “Pie in the sky with a juvenile center motif”. All in all, it is a place where they can all feel at home and the quirks just make it better.

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Other Facts About Cassidy Black – Dierk Bentley’s Wife

• Running is no easy feat, but running a marathon is even more tasking. Cassidy Black successfully ran and completed the Boston Marathon back in 2014. Say what you want to about her, but she is one fit woman. While she was participating, her supportive husband took a flight from Nashville to Boston to cheer her on. He actually arrived there when she was specifically at mile 17. She finished in good time too, it took 3:33:38 altogether which is quite impressive for an 8-mile pace.

• Again, in 2017, she ran the Boston marathon and successfully completed it. This time, she made it happen in a total of 3 hours and 26 minutes. The motivation behind her decision this time was a cause quite dear to her heart. Nashville’s Safe Haven, a homeless shelter for families is no doubt a worthy cause and Cassidy Black proved that.

• She does not cook that much for her husband, but that does not stop her from trying. In addition to that, Cassidy admitted to Country Weekly that she cooks a whole lot of salmon and marinating it is her strong point. She also revealed that she would most likely stick to restaurants, but breakfast is something that she could easily handle.


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