Cassper Nyovest’s Past Girlfriends Before He Settled For Baby Mama Thobeka Majozi

Cassper Nyovest dated a few high-profile ladies before settling with his current partner and baby mama, Thobeka Majozi. The very hardworking and successful South African rapper was in a relationship with people like Amanda Du Pont, Boity Thulo, and Lizelle Tabane.

He Had a Very Short Relationship With TV Presenter Amanda Du Pont

For a short while in 2014, Cassper Nyovest and television presenter Amanda Du Pont dated. Du Pont has worked as a model, TV host, and actress. She is the star of the Netflix thriller Shadow and played a major role in the CW drama Life is Wild. In his usual fashion, Nyovest once rapped about Du Pont and their relationship when he said that she was not even tailored for him.

Cassper Nyovest and Amanda Du Pont
Cassper Nyovest and Amanda Du Pont

This sparked a plethora of reactions from his fans. The song was released after the two were no longer dating and the rapper has stated that his goal was not to hurt Du Pont, it was just a reflection of how he was feeling at that point.

At the Channel O Awards of 2014, the two shared a kiss on stage, which caused speculations on the true nature of their relationship but Du Pont put all rumors to rest when she declared they were over and now have an amicable relationship. After Du Pont, Boity Thulo occupied the spotlight in the rapper’s life and is arguably the most renowned among Cassper Nyovest’s past girlfriends.

Boity Thulo Was Believed To Be The Love Of His Life Until She Wasn’t

She is notably the woman who opened Cassper’s eyes to the fact that making your love life public is a recipe for failure. Boity Thulo is a television personality, model, and actress whose career origins date back to 2011. It is not known how the two met or when both of them started their relationship. But in 2015, rumors started to circulate about them being together which neither party confirmed or denied.

Then in July of the same year, the publication Drum Magazine released its edition for that month, and on the cover page was Thulo and Nyovest, confirming the rumors of their relationship. Both parties tweeted about it with the rapper referring to her as perfection.

Boity Thulo and Cassper Nyovest
Boity Thulo and Cassper Nyovest

Even more interesting is part of the caption on the magazine that suggested the two were getting married. This fact they debunked, accusing Drum of misleading their readers.

In December of that year, the two called it quits. Boity stated that the cause of their break-up was due to lack of time management with one half of the party being really busy. When she was asked if he ever cheated, she replied in the negative, saying that she never felt like he did anything of the sort. However, two years after in 2017 on his 3rd album Thuto, the rapper, on one of the album’s songs alluded to the fact that he may have cheated.

Though it came as a shock, fans pardoned him based on the fact that he had the decency to keep Boity out of it.

Cassper Had a Taste of Heartbreak When his Relationship with Lizelle Tabane Ended

Cassper Nyovest and Lizelle Tabane
Cassper Nyovest and Lizelle Tabane

The next woman on the list of Cassper Nyovest’s past girlfriends and the one he dated after Du Pont is Lizelle Tabane, a model and social media star. The start of their relationship was also hazy, as well as short. The two dated publicly for a while before the relationship fizzled out with no explanation. But, with the release of his single Destiny, he mentioned how she cheated on him with a businessman.

From the lyrics of the song where he addressed their relationship, he had reservations about dating because he did not know what his friends or fans would say but decided to pursue a relationship anyway only to end up hurt.

He is Currently Dating Thobeka Majozi

Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi
Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi

Cassper Nyovest has lately kept a shroud of secrecy over his romantic relationships leaving the public to connect the dots on who he could possibly be dating. The same happened with his current relationship with Instagram star Thobeka Majozi.

It would appear that for a while, starting sometime in 2019, Nyovest had always left comments on Majozi’s pictures on Instagram. This triggered rumors on the true state of their relationship. Everything came to light when on the 2nd of October, 2020, he posted a picture of a pregnant Majozi with him kneeling and wishing her a happy birthday. Finally, their relationship was revealed.

This follows his series of tweets in 2019 on why he has chosen to keep his relationships private. According to the rapper, women even appreciate a man who doesn’t flaunt his private life in public.

Notwithstanding his reservations, he couldn’t hide his relationship with the beautiful Thobeka who would become the mother of his first child.

Cassper Nyovest And Thobeka Majozi Have A Son Together

The first time Cassper Nyovest alluded to becoming a father was in June of 2020 when he shared the album cover of his upcoming album on Twitter and it featured a picture of his baby’s ultrasound. He also stated that his son was the inspiration behind his album.

Then on the 13th of September in 2020, his son Khotso was born. Earlier that day, the rapper had shared a picture of himself in scrubs, ready to welcome his bundle of joy.

The Rapper Has Put All Marriage Rumors To Sleep

Cassper has been at the centre of different discussions about marriage. In 2019, he expressed having reservations about getting married but has since stated that he is open to the concept of marriage, kids and having a family.

It was also rumored that he had paid the lobola – bride price for his girlfriend but the rumors quickly turned out to be fake. As of the time of this write-up, Cassper and Thobeka are yet to make their union official but they seem to be having a good time with what they have. He even threw her a lavish baby shower before their son arrived.


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