Following Catherine Herridge’s Career Progression to CBS News, Her Achievements and Family

The Trump presidency has caused a whole lot of upheaval in American society and one sector has been particularly impacted is the broadcast journalism industry. With the rise of fake news, alternative facts, and the likes, journalists have been forced to seek new ways to uphold the tenets of their profession. One of such avenues is changing networks and another personality who has resorted to this option is Catherine Herridge.

An award-winning correspondent and author, Herridge was a pioneer staff of Fox News Channel and spent more than two decades with the network during which she covered some of the most ground-shaking security stories to rock the United States. She also built up a reputation as a seasoned intelligence and security expert and was set to spend the foreseeable future with Fox. That plan was however derailed with her frustrations at the network and this made her switch allegiances to CBS in October 2019

Her Early Days as a Rookie Journalist in ABC News and Transition to Fox News

Catherine Herridge has achieved a lot in the world of broadcast journalism but this does not come as a surprise to those who knew her antecedents from an early age. As a youngster growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Catherine craved for a career in journalism. With this at the back of her mind, she excelled in her high school studies and was able to gain admission into the prestigious Harvard University. There, she completed her bachelor’s degree in good time before proceeding to another notable institution, the Columbia University School of Journalism, where she bagged a masters’ degree in Journalism.

Fully armed with her master’s degree, Catherine Herridge kicked off her career as the London-based correspondent for ABC News (both TV and radio). She spent some time in this role before joining the newly-established Fox News Channel in 1996.

Catherine’s first few years at Fox saw her as a field correspondent. She also contributed news reports to two of the network’s newsmagazine shows, namely Fox File’s and The Pulse. Her work on the former saw her conduct in-depth investigations into serious issues, such as drug abuse, medical insurance fraud, and child prostitution, and this fetched her the Bronze World Medal for excellence in communications media.

The Litany of Achievements She Recorded During Her 23-Year-Run with Fox

After several years of paying her dues as a field correspondent, Catherine Herridge was given the plum, but well-deserved, role of serving as the chief intelligence correspondent for Fox News. She would occupy this position for several years during which she covered the intelligence community, the Justice Department as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Her tasks took her to far-flung countries such as Russia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Qatar, Israel, Afghanistan, and even the United States military facility – Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. She also covered some of the most impactful stories to rock the world including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the attempted Christmas day bombing of 2009, the failed attack on Times Square in May 2010, the cargo printer bomb plot of October 2010, the Fort Hood attack, the 2002 sniper attacks in Washington D.C. as well as investigation into the death of Princess Diana.

Catherine Herridge also did exceptional investigative work with regard to the September 2009 coordinated assault on the American embassy in Benghazi, which claimed the life of Ambassador Chris as well as three Americans. The Columbia alum uncovered some of the lies being peddled by the incumbent administration such as the fact that there was a protest at the consulate at that time. Her reports also unearthed the fact that there was a cable that the late ambassador sent to then-secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, just a month before the attacks telling her that they could not withstand an attack on the consulate.

Catherine Herridge
Herridge receiving the Tex McCracy award for excellence in journalism: Image Source

All these investigative work by Catherine Herridge helped to uncover the truth about what really transpired that dreadful day. It also set her apart from her peers and since then, she has won many accolades. The most recent one came in 2019 when she received the Tex McCracy award for excellence in journalism from the Congressional Medal of Honour Society. The Ontario native also sits on the Alumni Board of the Columbia School of journalism.

How Her Desire for Factual Journalism Motivated Her Move to CBS

The dawn of the Trump presidency brought with it a whole lot of controversies and Catherine Herridge was right there to bring it to the American people. She covered the extensive Mueller investigations which sought to determine whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. She equally interviewed the president himself after the findings of the panel partially exonerated him.

When controversy struck again in the form of an impeachment move by house democrats, Catherine Herridge was equally on hand to bring it the people. All in all, her work was quite exciting and one would have expected her to be quite fulfilled with it but this was not so. The Ontario native was troubled by the increased efforts of her network to pander to the wishes of the Trump presidency. Such efforts often affected her ability to be factual in her work and she took the honorable route of resigning in 2019.

The resignation was quite amicable as Catherine’s contract had already expired before she tendered her resignation. The network couldn’t very well force her to stay back and they thanked her for the wonderful services that she has rendered over the years. Herridge is now with the liberal-inclined CBS News and serves as their senior investigative correspondent for covering national security and intelligence. She hopes to use this opportunity to promote facts and enterprise journalism.

The Selfless Sacrifice that Catherine Herridge Made to Keep her Son Alive

Catherine Herridge
Catherine Herridge and family: image source

One thing that will always stand Catherine out is her ability to manage her home and still deliver topnotch services in her profession. Perhaps, she settled with a man that plays supportive roles to see things go as smoothly as they can. Catherine Herridge is married to her heartthrob, an American Air force officer named Lt. Col, JD Hayes. The couple has been together, at least officially, since March 13, 2004, and now have two sons namely Peter and Jamie.

In 2006, the correspondent showed how compassionate a mother she is when her son, Peter, experienced a major health crisis. The boy was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a condition that causes a blockage in the liver, at the age of just 6 weeks. The diagnosis threw Catherine and her husband into turmoil and they went to several hospitals trying to get help but all to no avail. They later found respite at the Children’s Hospital of St. Pittsburgh where they were told that a donation from a matching liver could help keep Peter alive.

Fortunately for them, Catherine was a match and she stepped in and donated a portion of her liver precisely on June 6, 2006. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and both mother and child came out unscathed. It has been over a decade since the surgery and the pair remain in good health with no news of any issues. Peter is now a teenager and is living a normal life.

He was shown on an episode of the Fox show, Off The Record, in 2016 and could be seen loudly banging a set of drums.


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