Catherine Jeffords
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Scandals make for the most interesting stories and Catherine Jeffords was once smack in the middle of one. The lady was married to Joshua Jefford and according to him, they had a pretty good run. His world suddenly came falling down when he found Snapchat and text messages that linked her to NFL superstar, Fletcher Cox. This meant that theirs is not a story of ’till death do us part’, it was more of a ‘death by clandestine affair’ situation. Based on that, here is everything there is to know about Joshua Jeffords wife.

Who Is Catherine Jeffords?

There is not a lot of information about there about Catherine Jeffords. As a matter of fact, once the infidelity situation escalated she shut down her social media accounts. Nevertheless, here are the few facts that could be gleaned.

Catherine Jeffords did well to rid the internet of a bulk of information about herself, but some things cannot be hidden. She was born Catherine Virginia Cuesta in the year 1988 and got married to Joshua Jeffords on August 31, 2014. Naturally, after that, she proceeded to live in Hunterville, North Carolina with her husband. Joshua, the man she married and allegedly cheated on, was also relatively under the radar till calamity struck.

The most that could be gleaned about him is that he was born and bred in North Carolina. In addition to that, he served as a U.S Marine and has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Everything to Know About Joshua Jeffords’ Wife

Naturally, since her scandal hit the media, many have been curious to know everything there is about Catherine Jeffords. All her available information, at the moment, can be found below.

She was Married for Three Years And They Had a Loving Marriage

As aforementioned, after news of the scandal spread like a wildfire, Catherine Jeffords made herself scarce. All her social media accounts were scrubbed clean and there was no trace of her almost anywhere.

Prior to deleting her social media pages, she once posted how much she loved her husband – who she was married to for a total of three years; she wished him a happy birthday and said falling in love with him had been a total whirlwind. She also appreciated the fact that he’d been her strength, her protector, her teacher, and her best friend.

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While things didn’t end well between the couple, based on the posts she dedicated to him on her social media pages alone, there is no doubt that they were very much in love at some point in time.

Catherine Jeffords
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She Allegedly Cheated on Her Husband

This whole issue flared up after her husband, Joshua Jeffords, found some incriminating text and Snapchat messages on Catherine Jeffords phone. Apparently, she was involved in an illicit affair with NFL player, Fletcher Cox. The two even discussed the possibility of having a child together. According to her husband, when she was confronted with his knowledge of the affair, she gradually moved out and went to settle in Pennsylvania.

It was not much of a coincidence considering that Pennsylvania was the place where Cox allegedly seduced her and the location of his home. Soon after Cox was hit with an Alienation of Affection lawsuit, Joshua Jeffords went on to file for divorce.

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She Had Risque Conversations With Fletcher Cox

In all of this one thing is for sure, Catherine Jeffords was involved in some sort of illicit affair. There is no evidence to support the claim that she was physically involved with Cox, but she undoubtedly entertained thoughts. Some very racy messages were submitted as evidence in court. Apparently, Cox said he wanted to get her pregnant and her response showed that she was on board.

She replied in a message, calling him “boo” then went on to say, ” We’d make some damn beautiful babies, I want to get to know you, babe. I know we are sexually compatible”. So, despite the fact that there is no proof the two every had physical relations, something was definitely amiss. In addition to their racy correspondence, it was also alleged that the star sent her pictures of his genitals. Nevertheless, evidence of this was not submitted in court.

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