Cathy Areu’s Long Road to Becoming a Freelance Journalist and What to Know About Her Kids

An American freelance journalist, news analyst, and author, Cathy Areu has built a lasting reputation for herself on cable television. Popular for her skillful and sassy presentation of professional views on varying topics including cultural and feminist issues, Cathy is an inspiration to many women across the globe. In addition to being a journalist, she is also an English teacher, media entrepreneur, and political activist. Her controversial views on United States politics and system of education, as well as Latino and pop culture issues, have caught the attention of both the local and global media. While her professional life is an open book for the public, the same cannot be said of her personal life.

The Journalist is an American of Cuban Heritage

By birth, Cathy Areu is a citizen of the United States of America as she was born in Summit, New Jersey. As you will easily find, she was born on the 15th of February 1971 and belongs to the Hispanic ethnic group. Her parents are immigrants from Cuba, a Caribbean country.

The journalist spent her early years in New Jersey where she completed her basic education. Upon graduation, Cathy attended Florida State University where she got a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

She later enrolled at Nova Southeastern University, graduating with a Master’s degree in English. While studying in Nova, Cathy worked as an adult education and Spanish teacher. Also, before venturing into full-time journalism, Cathy taught the English language as an ESL teacher at a Palm Beach County School located in Florida.

Cathy Areu Began Her Career with the Washington Post

Areu began her media career in 2000 as a column interviewer for The Washington Post Magazine. From 2000 to 2010, Cathy wrote short interviews on the magazine’s column titled “First Person Singular”.

During her decade-long job with The Washington Post, Cathy had the opportunity to interview many famous and influential U.S. political figures. Some of them include First Lady Laura Bush, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Senator Al Franken, and Secretary of State James Baker.

In 2001, Cathy Areu founded the multi-platform media company, Catalina Magazine. The magazine serves as a medium for breaking stereotypes as well as reflecting the positive image of the U.S. Hispanic community. Cathy has also written a non-fiction inspirational book, Latino Wisdom: Celebrity Stories of Hope, Inspiration, and Success to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Soul. The book which is a collection of stories by the nation’s best known Hispanic figures was published in 2006 by Barricade Books.

She has Always been a Freelance Journalist

Unlike some of her colleagues in the field, Cathy is a freelance journalist. During presidential elections, Cathy usually appears on numerous news channels for political commentary and analysis. As a freelance reporter, she is not working full-time or permanently with any media company but rather makes guest appearances on a number of media talk shows.

Prominent among them are Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, Fox Business Channel’s Stuart Varney show, HLN’s Prime News, RussiaToday’s CrossTalk, CNN’s Cambell Brown, MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, AC360, The Sean Hannity Show and Tucker Carlson Tonight. Areu began to appear on the Tucker Carson’s Fox News show in 2018.

Cathy Areu
Cathy on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight: image source

Why She Dragged Fox News to Court

Alongside Jennifer Eckhart, a former Fox Business associate producer, Cathy Areu sued Fox News and its popular personalities like Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, and Tucker Carlson in July 2020.

Court documents revealed that she sued the men mentioned above for sexual harassment. She dragged Fox News in because according to her, the outlet stopped using her as a guest on their shows because she refused to have sex with their male hosts.

As she claimed, her career and efforts to get a full-time position with Fox News were frustrated because she wouldn’t sleep with male anchors and executives. Stating that she had all along been touted as a candidate for a full-time position, Cathy alleged that this was not going to happen unless she sleeps with the male anchors.

Fox News hired an outside firm to investigate Areu’s allegations and later issued a statement that asserted that her claims were completely false.

Cathy Areu is a Single Mother of Two

Having made a reputable name for herself on the media, a lot of people became interested in Cathy Areu’s personal life. Unfortunately, the journalist has kept her personal affairs and relationships private. It is hard to tell if she has ever been married, divorced, or in a relationship with anyone.

Those who were very willing to learn about her love life were excited sometime in 2017 when it circulated that she attended an event with her husband. As claimed, she was spotted with her husband at Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino’s book launch in New York City. What added value to the claim was a Getty Image photo of Cathy and a man in a romantic pose.

It turned out that the reports were false as the journalist took to Twitter to debunk the claims. In a tweet dated the 13th of May 2018, Cathy Areu implored people to not believe everything they see or read, specifying that she doesn’t have a husband.

To the best of our knowledge, nothing has changed since then so it wouldn’t be out of place to conclude that the journalist is single and not married. Nonetheless, we can tell she is a mother of two.

What We Know About Her Daughters

Cathy has two daughters named Christina and Sofia who were born in 2007 and 2009. She has shared photos of the adorable girls on her Instagram account on different occasions. However, she has never said anything about their dad.

Cathy is very fond of her kids and takes every chance she gets to talk about them or share their pictures on social media platforms. They are a big part of her life and she has been raising them to be socially conscious with their own ideas, rather than nudging them towards becoming a Democrat like her.

She and her daughters contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic but have recovered from the virus. 


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