Who Is Cdnthe3rd, How Did He Become An Internet Twitch Sensation and Who Is His Wife?

Most people view online gaming as a source of entertainment and relaxation and in some cases, it is frowned upon but there are a select few like CdnThe3rd who have gone ahead to make a successful career out of the gaming industry. There are two major platforms where gamers apply themselves and make money, these platforms are YouTube and Twitch.

In the case of CdnThe3rd, he has acquired fame and acclaim as a Twitch gamer who streams his games on this platform. His mastery of the deathmatch survival game H1Z1: King of the Kill as well as Fortnite Battle Royale are what thrust him into the limelight and gave him the fame he enjoys today. CdnThe3rd’s career has grown beyond him being just popular but has established him with wealth. However, prior to the fame that he found on Twitch, the celebrated gamer was known for uploading ‘Dayz’ videos on his YouTube channel, building the foundation on which he has his current career.

CdnThe3rd’s Love For Football In His Early Childhood Days Might Have Influenced His Interest In Gaming

CdnThe3rd was born Caesar Noriega on the 14th of December 1983, the gamer is of mixed ethnicity – half-Puerto Rican and a half- Ecuadorian. For his upbringing, it is known that he grew up alongside three sisters under the care of their mum. As a child, CdnThe3rd had an interest in several forms of sports and played football, so much so that he was on his school’s football team. However, apart from these facts, other details of CdnThe3rd’s early life are a bit hazy, as is the same for a lot of gamers.

The first known recording of his existence on the internet can be traced to the 2nd of July 2010 when he created his YouTube channel, CdnThe3rd the name he goes by today. But it was not until 2011 that he started to post videos. The goal of this channel was to record himself playing games and when he started to upload content they were just videos of himself playing the mod version of the survival game DayZ. Shortly after, he graduated to Killer Instinct games when he started uploading the Killer Instinct, videos he would include game commentaries in his videos. It was around this period that he started to gain some popularity but not enough to launch him into the mainstream.

He Won A $10,000 Prize For Playing Video Game

CdnThe3rd began to increase his content creation as his popularity started to take off. In addition to the Killer Instinct videos, the gamer started to play H1Z1 and post his gameplays on his YouTube channel. The more he played the better he got at H1Z1 and soon achieved professional status at the game.

However, even with his rising popularity, CdnThe3rd had just a small number of subscribers on his YouTube channel, a number that was in the thousands. The rate at which his following was growing was evidently slow, but this changed when he won an online video game competition that had a reward prize placed at $10,000. This event triggered an awakening for CdnThe3rd, he could then see the possibilities of what he could make from a professional career in gaming.

CdnThe3rd Found Mainstream Success On Twitch

The next step the gamer took was honing his gaming skills, by mastering even the games that are considered very difficult. While this happened, CdnThe3rd moved to Twitch and took up Fortnite which he played extensively. Playing the game repeatedly and becoming better at them made him some sort of master at game hacking and in his gameplay videos he showed his subscribers the best way to maneuver every stage on Fortnite. This approach was a catalyst to his fame and it is credited for making him one of the big names in the game streaming community.

CdnThe3rd Streaming image source

As of now, CdnThe3rd has more than 2 million followers on Twitch while on Youtube he has more than a million subscribers. On Twitter, he has over 500,000 followers and on Instagram, he has more than 800,000 followers. This proves that the gamer is one of the few streamers who have a firm grip on the online community across key social media platforms.

More so as a professional Fortnite player, he has maintained his high standard since the game was released and the work he has put into the game was noticed by the makers who added the + symbol in recognition of his mastery. Mastering the game’s tricks and moves also earned him a large following across numerous social media platforms, his popularity has also given him the opportunity to work with many streamers such as Ninja, Dakotaz, and Shroud.

CdnThe3rd Has A Line Of T-Shirts

It is not uncommon for those who work as gamers to try to make some more money outside of gaming, this they often do by creating their own branded merchandise. CdnThe3rd has also towed in this direction with the creation of his own line of merchandise. He has released a line of T-Shirts that are branded with OP Academy, this he did in conjunction with AndBox, the esports league company.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, CdnThe3rd has also released a line of face masks. However, there are no clear figures of Cdnthe3rd’s net worth but some sources speculate that it could be in the tune of $1 million. He has made most of his money from numerous channels on social media including YouTube which is believed to be where he earns the most income.

The Details Of His Personal Life Are A Mystery

In spite of the large following that CdnThe3rd has, there are still aspects of his life that are shrouded in mystery, one of such things is how he met his wife, Christina. The two had been dating for five years before they got married in 2015 on the 11th of October. Their wedding was well attended by family and close friends.

As with the details of his childhood and family, there is not much information publicly available on his wife. She lives a quiet life and rarely makes public appearances with the game streamer. It is also known that CdnThe3rd hardly uploads her pics on his social media pages which he floods mainly with his gaming videos. However, from a tweet made by the streamer, it is obvious that Christina is very supportive of his career.

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