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Most people view online gaming as a source of entertainment and relaxation but there are a select few like Cdnthe3rd who have gone ahead to make a successful career out of the gaming industry. He is known as a Twitch steamer of American origin who came into the limelight for his mastery of the deathmatch survival game ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill as well as Fortnite Battle Royale. Before fame, the celebrated gamer was known for uploading ‘Dayz’ videos on his YouTube channel.

Cdnthe3rd’s Bio (Age)

Caesar Noriega aka Cdnthe3rd was born on the 14th of December 1983, though we don’t have information on his exact city of birth, he is an American national. His ethnicity is partly Puerto Rican and partly Ecuadorian and he grew up alongside three sisters under the watch of their mum.

Same as with many other celeb gamers, not much is available on his educational background Also missing from the streamer’s online profile is his level of education since it is not clear whether he stopped at high school or is a college graduate.

Cdnthe3rd was quite keen on several forms of sports, especially video games and football which he played during his formative years. The Twitch streamer went professional as a Fortnite player since the game was released and has mastered the tricks and moves, earning for himself, a widespread on-line following across numerous platforms on social media where he keeps his fans entertained.

1st of July 2010 saw the creation of his debut YouTube channel where he started posting several of his DayZ videos which were later joined by the Killer Instinct games that led him to include some game commentaries as part of his videos. He began to increase his content as his popularity gained ground and subsequently proceeded to H1Z1 as a professional. Other games he plays and has posted to his channel include CS: GO videos, WCG Ultimate Gamer, Fortnitevideos and several others.

At the initial stage of his video game career, Cdnthe3rd had just a smattering of subscribers which was numbered in thousands. His rate of growth in a number of subscribers was initially slow until he hit the jackpot by winning an online video competition with a reward of $10 K. This particular feat served as an eye-opener to the streamer as he began to see the lucrative potentials in launching a professional career in video gaming.

Cdnthe3rd went ahead to hone his gaming skills, mastering even the most difficult of all games and armed with an unwavering desire to be successful, he started making many more video game videos where he showed his fans the best way to maneuver every stage of the game. This approach served as a catalyst to his popularity which took a quantum leap and today, he is one of the big names in the game streaming community.

His subscription level on YouTube has crossed the milestone of one million and still counting, his Twitch account is around 500k and his following on Twitter is getting is about 400k. He had a healthy following on Instagram even before his account was verified. The truth is that Cdnthe3rd is one of the few streamers who have a firm grip on the online community across key social media platforms.

Cdnthe3rd’s Wife and Girlfriend

Contrary to popular belief, Cdnthe3rd is currently married; he tied the connubial knot with his girlfriend of five years Christina Noreiga in a 2005 wedding ceremony which took place precisely on the 11th of October. Their wedding was well attended by family and friends as well as some fans of CDN. Their union appears to be a successful one as his wife seems to be very supportive of her husband’s career which has soared during the few years that their union has lasted.

The couple seems not to be in a hurry to have kids as their marriage has not witnessed the birth of any offspring. However, the pattering of tiny feet may not be very far from the couple.

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Net Worth

Estimates for Cdnthe3rd’s net worth have always come in variations but it is a known fact that his wealth is slowly inching towards the benchmark of $1 million. Majorly, the famed streamer made his money from all his numerous channels on social media especially YouTube from where he earns the most income.


Cdnthe3rd’s signature features are his beard, his mustache and more importantly his ever-present baseball caps. However, the details of his body measurement have never captured media attention but obviously, he stands at normal height with a body weight that is commensurate with his height.

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